Don't Draft a Cornerback in Madden 20 UNLESS you are Positive he is Good.

    • February 2, 2020 at 03:02 #18291

      This may sound insane to some of you but you can actually trade for younger amazing Cornerbacks (CBs) fairly easy. As many of you already know, CBs in Madden 20 is very hard to get, so that is what makes what we’re about to tell you so amazing because no one is going to expect it. You have to ask yourself which is better. Drafting a CB you are not sure will be amazing a good risk to take? Or is trading for a CB who is already proven and, in some cases, be an X-Factor the better choice to go?

      The CPU thinks of trading in only so many ways, meaning it changes its perception of a player’s trade value due to a few variables. The CPU finds rookies very valuable and it finds high overall players very valuable. So in knowing this, you know have to find the grey area, which is to trade for them when they are in between both of these variables. You should trade for cornerbacks in Madden 20 when they are a 1 or 2-year pro, more than likely a 1-year pro. This will make them fall off the CPU’s radar because they are not a rookie nor a high overall due to how young they are. They won’t always be cheap but it will pay off in the future if you do this properly.

    • February 17, 2020 at 22:45 #19427

      I’ll add this if you do draft a CB if hes a draft grade of 7.0 or higher he is probably worth drafting.

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