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DT's to Trade for Madden 19

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    • All DT’s are easier to trade for in the preseason. The regular season trade results can be slightly different. We use Real-Life Roster in online mode; if you are not using that roster and/or are in offline mode these trades will be completely different.
    • We will have some of the “impossible” (no one but us knows how to get them) guys to get on this list.
    • Each player will have a description of what you need to do so the trade will work for you on any team.
    • You can comment below for any questions, help, or if you want a DT that is not on this list we’ll try and make sure you get him.
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    • Every DT is listed in alphabetical order by last name

    How to Trade for Geno Atkins:

    Geno Atkins Madden 19 TradeStar Development

    The Trade: We traded away 67 Overall LOLB G. Avery, 2020 Round 4 Draft Pick 97, and a 2020 Round 7 Draft Pick 200 for 92 Overall DT Geno Atkins.

    Note: The Bengals love LOLB’s, so trade them a 67 overall or above that shows high (green) interest. Also, add a 7th-4th round 2020 or other picks close to these if they do not accept the trade player for player.

    How to Trade for Kenny Clark:

    Kenny Clark Madden 19 TradeQuick Development

    The Trade: We traded away a 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick 28, 84 Overall SS M. Burnett, and 74 Overall WR J. Washington for 88 Overall DT Kenny Clark and a 2020 Round 5 Draft Pick 159.

    Note: Clark may be hard to trade for some teams so keep that in mind. Add a 1st round 2019 pick and a SS that shows high (green) interest that has a decent to good overall. Also

    How to Trade for Damon Harrison Sr.:

    Superstar Development

    The Trade: 71 Overall DT D. Jones and a 2020 Round 3 Draft Pick 88 for 95 Overall DT Damon Harrison Sr., 2020 Round 6 Draft Pick 183, and a 2020 Round 7 Draft Pick 215.

    Note: Go for a 70 overall or a little above that shows high (green) interest and add a 3rd to 5th round 2020 draft pick. Ask for some picks back, anywhere from a 4th to a 6th round along with a 7th round 2020 pick.

    How to Trade for Linval Joseph:

    Linval Joseph Madden 19 TradeStar Development

    The Trade: We traded away 80 Overall J. Kilne, 2019 Round 2 Draft Pick 50, and a 2020 Round 6 Draft Pick 178 for 90 Overall DT Linval Joseph.

    Note: The Vikings love RG’s so utilize that. Trade them a high (green) interest RG around a 75-80 overall. Add a 2nd and a 6th round 2020 pick and make sure to ask for picks back. Joseph is not the easiest to trade for, however, he is not impossible.

    How to Trade for Gerald McCoy:

    Gerald McCoy Madden 19 TradeStar Development

    The Trade: We traded away 74 Overall FS K. Lewis and a 2019 Round 4 Draft Pick 114 for 91 Overall DT Geral McCoy and a 2020 Round 6 Draft Pick 171.

    Note: The Buccaneers love FS’s. Use a FS around a 70+ overall FS that shows high (green) interest – you can also convert a CB to FS if needed. Add a 4th round 2019 pick or a medium (yellow) interest HB. Make sure to ask for picks back.

    How to Trade for Michael Pierce:

    Michael Pierce Madden 19 TradeStar Development

    The Trade: We traded away 75 Overall C P. Elflein, 82 Overall HB L. Murray, and a 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick 9 for 87 Overall DT Michael Pierce and a 2020 Round 5 Draft Pick 148.

    Note: The Ravens love C’s and HB’s. Trade them a high (green) interest C and HB. Also, add a 3rd-1st round 2019 pick. Make sure to ask for picks back. He is harder to trade for than other DT’s around his skill level.

    How to Trade for Kawann Short:

    Kawann Short Madden 19 TradeStar Development

    The Trade: We traded away 71 Overall FS J. Dangerfield, 68 Overall HB S. Ridley, and a 2020 Round 3 Draft Pick 92 for 89 Overall DT Kawann Short.

    Note: The Panthers love CB’s and FS’s, so utilize those positions. Trade them a FS that shows high (green) interest, a medium (yellow) interest HB and a 5th-3rd round 2020 pick. Start with the 5th and work your way down if need be. Make sure to ask for picks back.

    How to Trade for Ndamukong Suh:

    Star Development

    Note: Trade for him in year 2 or do the Stack and Release technique. The Rams want more than it is worth to trade for him.

    More DT’s are coming to this list! Make sure to Create an Account to subscribe to this topic!

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    Jack Kelp

    Will you guys add more than just Damon?

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    Any luck with trying to pry Fletcher Cox away from Philly via trade?

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    Joseph Dachnowicz

    So, I really need some beef on my defensive line. I’m doing a Browns “realistic” rebuild and I was wondering if there are any other really good trades for defensive tackles out there… Will you be adding onto this list sometime in the near future?

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    Yes, we are currently working on the list. We should be done within a day or two. We have put this list at the top. Sorry, it has taken so long guys!

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    We just added to this list! More are coming, J-Dog.

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