Easiest 1st Round Picks to Trade For Madden 19

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    The top 10 easiest 1st round picks to trade for are on these 10 teams. This is also a universal list that anyone can use regardless if they are in updated rosters or not. You also can use a lot of free agency players to get these picks and almost get them free. Use HB’s from the free agency as much as possible. These teams will trade their picks like this for the remainder of your franchise regardless of the year. Enjoy!

    We will be breaking them down in 2 groups. The 5 best and 5 almost best.

    Best: Pats, Steelers, Ravens, Chiefs, and Browns.
    For the Browns use 3 MLB’s from the free agency 67 above over and ask for more than just their 1st round pick. Trade this pick away fro a really good player because of the Browns will more than likely have a decent record.

    Almost Best: Packers, Panthers, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Bills

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