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    • All FS’s are easier to trade for in the preseason. The regular season trade results can be slightly different. We use Real-Life Roster in online mode; if you are not using that roster and/or are in offline mode these trades will be completely different.
    • We will have some of the “impossible” (no one but us knows how to get them) guys to get on this list.
    • Each player will have a description of what you need to do so the trade will work for you on any team.
    • You can comment below for any questions, help, or if you want a FS that is not on this list we’ll try and make sure you get him.
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    • Every FS is listed in alphabetical order by last name.

    How to Trade for Lamarcus Joyner:

    Quick Development

    Note: Do our Stack and Release or trade for him in year 2. He will still be a player worth trading for in year 2.

    How to Trade for Tyrann Mathieu:

    Quick Development

    Note: Do our Stack and Release or trade for him in year 2. He is well worth trading for in year 2 so keep that in mind.

    How to Trade for Devin McCourty:

    Quick Development

    Note: We suggest getting McCourty only for a playoff or Super Bowl run. His age makes him a player that is close to retirement.

    How to Trade for Jordan Poyer:

    Jordan Poyer Madden 19 TradeStar Development

    The Trade: We traded away 81 Overall QB Tyrod Taylor, 79 Overall C R. Jensen, and a 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick 11 for 89 Overall FS Jordan Poyer.

    Note: The Bills love QB’s so we suggest trading for and using Tyrod Taylor (Browns) for this trade. Poyer is very easy to trade for. Add a high (green) interest C and a 3rd-1st round 2019 pick. Make sure to ask for picks back in order to protect yourself.

    How to Trade for Harrison Smith:

    Superstar Development

    Note: Smith is very hard to get in the 1st year. We suggest the Stack and Release or just trade for him in year 2. However, you should keep his age into consideration.

    How to Trade for Earl Thomas III:

    Star Development

    Note: Thomas is another hard player to trade for. Do the Stack and Release or try and trade for him in year 2. Just remember his age as he may retire soon.

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