How do you trade in Madden franchise?

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      Where you can Start Making Trades

      1. Trades can be made when you’re in your or another team’s roster screen. This helps when you are trying to find good deals by looking for good back up starters that you will attempt to trade for cheaply because they are backups. Just in general a good screen to see where you can take advantage of a trade situation. Another way to take advantage of this screen is when you are looking to do a trade cheat or the SAR.
      2. Another place you can start making trades is the Salary screen that is on the “My Team” screen. This is great for when trying to look for Trading for Regression. You are looking for teams that are paying a lot of signing bonus or guaranteed money to a player that if you trade for him will save you millions because the other team pays it off.
      3. Trade Center is the other obvious place to make trades. This is the best for when speed is of the essence because you can make trades happen quicker because when you back out of the screen it brings you right back to the trade screen.

      What should you look for when I’m trading a player in Madden?

      1. Player Trade Value in Madden. The main thing you should be looking for is the trade value of the player you are trying to trade away. There are 3 interest levels in Madden, Low interest which is in red, Medium interest which is in yellow and High interest which is the best and is in green. The trade value of a player is indicated on the left side above the player’s head and changed depending on the team you are trying to trade with and their team needs. ‘
      2. The Trade Meter. The Trade Meter indicates how interested the team is with what you offered them. this you will need to gauge and give the right amount and ask for the right amount back. Don’t be afraid to ask for late-round picks on top of what you are asking for to get 100% of your value in a trade.
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