How to Cheat Contracts In Madden 20/Double Reset Method

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      There are two main ways you can cheat the contracts in Madden 20 and we will show you them both on this topic. One of which is obvious and the other we kept secret…until now. Welcome in.

      1. Edit the contract.
        Very simply just go to “Edit Player” then the 2nd to the last tab is the contract section where you can edit it. Take into consideration that you have to be a league commissioner to do this, though, and if you do it as commissioner any member can see the edit on the transactions page. Avoid doing this if this is against the rules in your league. If you are unsure then ask if it is against the rules before you do this.
      2. Double Reset Contract Cheat Technique
        This way is a little more tricky but it can be done by everyone, not just league commissioners. However, only do it if this is allowed in your league. What you have to do is make the CPU think the player is horrible, which is not super easy but it definitely isn’t hard to do either. In week one – or sometime during the regular season – you will be able to see who is coming up on negotiations and what week it will be coming up on these negotiations. For example, it will show a locked sign next to “Negotiate (Week 7)”. The following is an example. So let’s say the player is coming up on contract negotiations in week 7; you are going to want to change the CPU’s value of this player before he becomes “unlocked” and ready to negotiate. How do you do that? You do that by changing his position to a position he will be a low overall at the week before he wants to negotiate but only after you played your game that week. Let’s say Pat Mahomes wants a “Fair Offer” of a 266 million dollar deal and is ready to negotiate in week 7; you will edit his position to a punter in week 6 (a week before the negotiation is unlocked) but after the week 6 game is played. After your week 6 game is played and you moved him to a punter or another position he is a low overall at you will now advance to week 7. This will reset his contract to a new “Fair Offer”, which will be low due to his low overall allowing you to sign him for super cheap before the week 7 game. Then, after you sign him, change him back to his normal position. This can be done with any player at any overall, just make sure you do it the week before he becomes “unlocked” for negotiations.

      Don’t Just Play the Game…Own the Game.

      Here Is a video of us showing you how to do this method as well:
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      I’ve seen 1 of 3 things happen. I’ve seen players accept the deal, I’ve seen players reject the deal and I’ve seen players reject the deal but once you do move to the next week, you no longer see them on the contract screen and they ended up accepting the deal even though it said rejected. Kenny Golladay mysteriously accepted my deal the next week and I’ve seen this “glitch” twice.

      I’ve also been successful leaving David Bakatari as a fullback week 17 when I’ve already claimed 1st seed and was able to sign him to a long term deal after the game at a lower price even though his negotiation window opened mid season. I haven’t done testing like you guys do but it may be another option.

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