How to focus train your team to be 99 overall Fast.

Premise: Any player below a 60 Overall that is under 30 years old only takes between 2k-5k to upgrade. (Depending on your XP sliders)
1. IMPORTANT **Turn off Auto upgrade, fill Roster and Manual cut along with turning on weekly progression**
2. In your franchise look at your roster and see what players have over 9k of XP already or what players are close to an upgrade.
3. Pick the 3 players you want to focus upgrade and move them to whatever position makes them below 60 overall. Side note- I wouldn’t put them all at 1 position except for maybe WR or CB.
4. Sim Focus train and BOOM. 89 Overall Derwin James has 5 points waiting for him.
5. Turn his position back to Safety or CB and upgrade away!
6. Rinse and repeat weekly.


1. Any player you draft as 2nd or 3rd string that you won’t use in year 1, you could keep them at the other position. Rookies under 60 only need 2k-3k to upgrade compared to 4-6K so weekly training or/and the advancement of the week will add xp (winning, meeting weekly goals, Star+ dev helps). It won’t be as quick as a starter who gets more XP faster through playing but if they are riding the pine anyway you might as well.

2. Sign free agents with high XP waiting, train and trade at higher value.

3. Trade for 24-27 year old 78-85 overall players that have a boat of XP saved. Immediate upgrades.

3. Make sure you wait till after a player is signed in a contract year before boosting his points.

4. Any rookies that you can afford the cap hit to release and resign before upgrading points will can get you 8 years instead of 4 (if you know you want to keep them around). It will cost you more up front but will keep you from having 7 upgraded players in year 4 or 5 that want monster deals and you just can’t afford to keep them.

5. This just doesn’t work well with players 30+ under 85 overall. Kareem Jackson still needed 10K to be upgraded as a 12 Overall QB. With this Broncos rebuild I just want to throw a shoe at John Elway for the contracts of regressing Ja’Wuan James and Kareem Jackson with these massive cap penalties.

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