How to Trade for Any QB After Year One (Madden 20 Trade Cheat)

    • October 14, 2019 at 16:27 #16456

      We are going to show you how to get any QB regardless of overall released to free agency.  This is called our Stack and Release or SAR’s for short.

      You want to make sure you are in the regular season or late preseason OR it will not work because you need the team in a 53/53 man roster.  You can always recover if you do this wrong or mess up. Make sure they accept the trades and if you have to load them up with more late-round picks if need be.  

      Step 1: Trade them 3 QB’s from FA for a 5th to a 7th round pick. 
      Step 2: Trade them 3 ROLB’s from FA
      Step 3: Trade them 3 more QB’s from FA
      Step 4: Trade them 3 CB’s from FA
      Step 4: Trade them 3 more QB’s.

      At this moment they will release their high overall QB to the free agency. 

    • April 12, 2020 at 18:06 #20083

      I have enjoyed Madden so much because of you guys!

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