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  • Madden 20 All Madden Defensive Player Tournament

  • T4G 

    August 3, 2020 at 3:26 PM

    Do you have what it takes?

    Welcome to the T4G All-Madden Defensive Player tournament! Do you have what it takes to make it to the Mako Diamond league? You can finally show off your skills to the Madden community with our tough challenge and ranked league system. This is just the beginning of what we have planned for our leagues in the future, so make sure you compete and get your name out there!

    The future of these ranked leagues will be involving the best of the best facing Dodds. In the near future, we also plan on having league moderators for PlayStation and Xbox and add up your points after each game. This is so that we can have a live leader bracket for our ranked leagues. You will be able to see where you place among the other competitor’s live. More details will be provided soon.

    Whatever league you make it to contains the badge you will earn to show off to the world. It will be displayed next to your name on your profile and you will have the chance to be listed as the top 50 players on this topic along with the points you have earned. We are going to be listing all competitors belonging to each league via our league page, which will be linked here soon. Each competitor will have their points listed next to their name. Each league will be in order from the highest points to the lowest points. There are a total of five ranked leagues you can make it into, which are all listed below.

    This Madden challenge can be played with friends (this is encouraged) and each of you will be graded on your performance each year with our grading system below.

    You will be facing off against Dodds’s player, John Mako, in this challenge. You have three seasons to get as many points as you can through our point system below. At the very end of it, you will have the opportunity to be able to beat John Mako (Dodds), the best free safety the world has ever seen. If you think you have what it takes to go against the pros it is your time to shine and share your results with the world and the Madden community.

    Keep everyone posted below on how your season is going and don’t cheat! Stay true to the rules and show off your talents. You can post a picture of your player’s career stats. Only the regular seasons of 2019-2021 will count.

    The Rules of the Game:

    1. Use “Custom Roster“.
    2. Cannot pick your team it must be randomized. Scroll, do not look at the screen and randomize it. You can also have a friend tell you when to stop, your friend cannot see the screen either.
    3. You must be a defensive player; we recommend playing as a safety.
    4. Your player must be a created player.
    5. You must be drafted in the mid-round only.
    6. Friends are allowed in the league, we found it made us more competitive.
    7. Cannot play in any preseason games.
    8. Only regular seasons 2019-2021 will be counted.
    9. Post-season games are not counted. However, you can still play those games.
    10. You must play in All-Madden.
    11. Game Style: Simulation.
    12. Injury on at all times.
    13. Full On-Field Control turned off.
    14. Camera View: completely up to you.
    15. 8-minute quarters no acceleration clock on.
    16. No restarting games.
    17. Turn on instant-starter for your first year only. After your first year is over, you must turn instant-starter off.
    18. Must demand a release after your rookie season during the offseason, the week right after the Superbowl. You can then pick wherever you go, just make sure you are going to be the starter.
    19. Standard XP settings only.
    20. Gameplay sliders must be standard except for Speed Threshold. Speed Threshold must be set at 0.
    21. You can only control your player, not your entire defense.
    22. You can call your own plays and even change your playbooks.

    How To Get Into the Diamond Mako League?
    Doddery Cribb’s player, John Mako, a FS is the man to beat. Mako scored a total of 333 points in 3 years with an average of 111 points every year. In order to be in the top league, you must produce big numbers at all times.

    Three-year stats below.

    The Ranked League System:
    All ranked leagues listed below are total points rewarded in three regular seasons. We are going to list the top 50 players on this topic. Do you have what it takes to reach the Predator or Mako Diamond League?

    The Top Players:

    1. @shadesofwaino50 with 197 points. Welcome to the Diamond Predator League.

    The Point System
    Keep in mind that the following points will only be rewarded for the regular season, not post-season games. Also, the following points are strictly for your individual player and not the team statistics. Bonus points are only allowed to be counted once. We will need to confirm your points to assign you to a league, so post pictures of your career stats. If you just want to do this for fun then great! Good luck!

    Note: All statistics listed below are in order with the Career Stats listed Madden 20. This is to make it more organized and faster for you to add up your points so that you don’t have to scroll back and forth on this page and in your career stats.

    Only the total number of Tackles in a season are counted. The total number of tackles is the solo and assists added together. No halves or partial points are rewarded. Bonus points are only allowed to be counted once.

    • Tackles: 10 = 1 point

    **Bonus Points for Tackles:

    • If you reach 130+ tackles for the season you get a bonus of three points.

    Tackles for Loss (TFL):
    No halves or partial points are rewarded. No bonus points for this category.

    • TFL: 2 = 1 point. For example, if you have three TFLs you will only get 1 point. 4 TFLs are worth two points and 5 TFLs are still worth two points and so on and so forth.

    No halves or partial points are rewarded. Bonus points are only allowed to be counted once.

    • Sacks: 1 = 1 point

    **Bonus Points for Sacks:

    • If you reach 10 sacks in one season you will be rewarded three points. You will only be rewarded three points once, not every 10 sacks.

    No halves or partial points are rewarded. Bonus points are only allowed to be counted once.

    • Interception: 1 = 3 points. Take the total number of interceptions and multiply by three.
    • Interception/Fumble Return Yards: Every 100 yards = 1 point. Add both interception and fumble return yards to get your total number of yards. If you have 299 total yards in one season then it is still only 2 points until you reach 300 yards.

    **Bonus points for Interceptions:

    • If you reach five interceptions in a season then you will be rewarded three points. You will only be rewarded 3 points once in any given season, not every 5 interceptions.

    No halves or partial points are rewarded. No bonus points for this category. Fumble return yards are added with the interception return yards in the “Interceptions” category above.

    • Forced Fumble: 1 = 1 point
    • Fumble Recovery: 1 = 1 point

    No halves or partial points are rewarded. No bonus points for this category.

    • Safety: 1 = 5 points

    Touchdowns (TD):
    No halves or partial points are rewarded. No bonus points for this category. It does not matter how you got the TD on defense, all will be counted.

    • TD: 1 = 3 points

    Let us know how your challenge is going! Also, post photos of your three-season career stats in the comments below and we will assign you to the ranked league you belong to along with assigning the badge you have earned on your profile as well as listing you on the ranked league’s page via our website. Your points will be listed next to your name, which will be in order from high to low for each league. We cannot wait to hear from you and thank you for participating in this challenge!

  • shadesofwaino50 

    August 13, 2020 at 8:47 PM

    Just finished with this first challenge played much better than I would have guessed. Looks Like I should be squarely in the Diamond Predator league after scoring 197. Diamond Mako league is proving to be elusive.

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