Madden 20 Practice Squad Tips/Eligibility/Stealing – Complete Guide

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      There have not been many changes – if any at all – in the practice squad since it was introduced in Madden 17. You can still only have a maximum of 10 players wherein the NFL you can have 12. To find out if a player on your team is eligible for practice squad it will say so on the bottom right of the player’s card after clicking on that player. You can check out your practice squad players in the main menu by going to Team > Adjust Lineup > Practice. Another way to see your practice squad players is either in the roster or depth chart by going one above QB on the menu. This will also allow you to take a peek at other team’s practice squad players as well. Go ahead and give a yoink if you see someone you like.

      If you would like to get the most out of your practice squad then you come to the right place. Comment down below if you have any other questions!

       How to prevent others from stealing your practice squad (PS) players:

      Just set the “Practice Squad Stealing” via the League Settings to “Off”. Even if you are league commissioner you will not be able to steal other teams’ PS players until you turn it back on. Either way, the setting goes into effect immediately.

      Who you want to look out for:

      It is your personal preference to who you want to put on your PS. However, there are some recommendations we would like to share with you. As players age you have a shorter window of them increasing their development, so look for anyone under 24. The younger the better it will be for you. We would not recommend putting anyone on your PS who has a development of above “Normal”. If you allow PS stealing then they will most likely get stolen. So go for players who are rookies or a one-year pro (under 24) at a normal development with an overall no more than 71 but no less than 67. Also, know what positions are easy to trade for and not so easy to trade for. We have a bunch of trading tips that you can check out and we have a topic on the easiest and hardest positions to trade for. So do not put a position that is easy to trade for on your practice squad, such as HB. Put a strategy in place that will benefit your team. Go after rookie to one-year pro tackles, linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties. Always keep trading in mind.

      Do not neglect your practice squad players:

      Even though you have players on your PS, you will get the opportunity to upgrade those players, so do not neglect them! They are not there for looks or an OCD type thing where you have to fill every spot. @michael-hiltner created a great guide to help you out when it comes to increasing your player’s XP so check it out!

      What is the point of having a practice squad?

      1. There may be young players you would like to keep but you do not have the roster space available.
      2. You would like a safety net for when a player goes down with an injury.
      3. You can utilize the full potential of your roster by signing players from positions that are hard to trade for, especially for a good player.

      How to add a player to practice squad in Madden 20?

      • You will be able to see who is PS eligible at any time. However, you will not be able to sign those eligible players to your PS until week 4 of the preseason. To utilize the PS, you have from week 4 of the preseason to whenever your season ends. If your season ends in the divisional game then you will not be able to sign PS players until preseason week 4.
      • If they are eligible and you are in the allotted time slot (shown above) to add a player to PS, you will have the option to sign to the practice squad or move to the practice squad by clicking on the player.
      • They have to have less than 3 years of NFL experience to be eligible for PS.
      • You can check out the free agency and select “Practice Squad Eligible” in the top-right dropdown menu. It is one down from All.

      We hope you got something out this and have you helped you with our practice squad tips and tricks. We would love to hear from you whether it is a question or that we helped you!

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