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  • Mathew Stafford Madden 20 Player Profile

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    November 23, 2019 at 9:00 PM

    Player Name/Position/Size: Mathew Stafford, QB, 6’3″ 220.

    Development/X-Factor Ability: Star

    X-Factor Activation Tips: N/A

    Overall: 79

    Player’s Archetype: Strong Arm and Field General.

    Player Scheme Fit(s): Matt fits in Multiple Zone Run, Multiple Power Run, Vertical Power Run, Run and Shoot and Vertical Zone Run

    Player’s Position Switches: N/A

    Trait Grade: B+, Mathew Stafford is Trigger Happy when he senses pressure.

    Average Regression Age:

    Average Retire Age:

    Player Trade Guide:

    Realistic Trade Value (User to User): Two 1st round picks, one of the first is a CSP because of the $32m the Lions will owe him if they trade or cut him.

    How to Trade for Player:

    • The Lions are not too stingy in trading Stafford compared to most other QBs. Trade them a (Green) High interest MLB. You can suppliment the MLB for an aging lineman that is in the 80 plus overall range and move him to LG which is the lions top team needs in week one. Add a 2nd on top of one of the positions we just talked about and a yellow interest HB. Ask for picks back as well.

    Player’s Trade Away Value (CPU): The Colts are the team who will give you the best offers for Mathew Stafford. They gave up a 1st round 2021, 4th round 2021 and a 7th 2021 for Mathew Stafford. Look to trade for some of their players as well if you do not just want draft picks.

    Player’s Contract Guide:

    Contract: Len -6, Rem -4, Total – $157m, Savings – $19m, Penalty – $32m.

    Contract Tip(s): If you are playing as the Lions you can trade him in the next two years, yes it will be painful to take that $32m cap penalty but you are saving $19m so that helps a little bit. If you traded for Mathew Stafford, do not try and cut him out of his contract and try and deal with resigning him when regression is in the next few years. Just trade him when he shows signs of regressing.

    Player Upgrade Guide: Stick with Strong Arm and Field General to keep his regression at bay as best you can.

    Player Gameplay Tips: Don’t scramble, stick to using his 94 Throw Power over his 74 Speed. He should last with his 91 Injury and his 96 Stamina. Mathew Stafford is balanced in his Short, Medium and Deep throw Accuracy’s.

    Player MUT Cards:

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