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  • Mitchell Trubisky Madden 20 Player Profile

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  • T4G

    November 23, 2019 at 7:11 PM

    Player Name/Position/Size: Mitchell Trubisky, QB, 6’3″ 220

    Development/X-Factor Ability:  Star

    X-Factor Activation Tips: N/A

    Overall: 75

    Mitchell Trubisky’s Archetype: Tied between Scrambler and Improviser.

    Mitchell Trubisky Scheme Fit(s): West Coast Power Run, West Coast Zone Run, West Coast Spread, Pistol, Air Raid, Spread.

    Mitchell Trubisky Position Switches: N/A

    Trait Grade: B, He is Paranoid in forcing passes.

    Average Regression Age:

    Average Retire Age:

    Mitchell Trubisky Trade Guide:

    Realistic Trade Value (User to User): 2nd to a 3rd of the current year. Possibly a later 1st round pick if you need a QB because your star went down with an injury and you are on an SB run.

    How to Trade for Mitchell Trubisky:

    • Trade the Bears a (Green) High interest 70 to 75 overall DT,  1st round pick of 2020 can be late on occasions and a 3rd round 2020 as well. Sometimes you may have to supplement the 3rd for a 2nd round 2020, make sure to ask for picks back.

    Mitchell Trubisky’s Trade Away Value (CPU): The Vikings will likely give you a 1st 2021 and a 3rd 2021 and possibly even more.

    Mitchell Trubisky’s Contract Guide:

    Contract: Len 4, Rem 2, Total $29m, Savings $3.1m, Penalty $9.62m.

    Contract Tip(s): Before you start trying to strike a new deal with Mitchell Trubisky you need to first be sure or not if you are going to stick with him. If you hesitate even a smeege whether or not you actually want him for 5 plus years, through thick and thin, you should not move forward with a contract. Trade him at this point and get out of dodge with some profit.

    If you would like to strike a deal, cut him out of his rookie contract and take the $9.62m cap penalty or if you traded for him cut him with no penalty then pick him back up off of FA. Do not upgrade him at all until you sign him. During the 1st week of the offseason Re-sign Period, he will ask for around $120m for 5 years. Do not sign this, just let him go to the Free Agency signing period. CPU teams typically bid low on him and have 50 or lower points. Try and be 10 points above the nearest competitor. We have offered him a 5 year deal for $550k Salary and a $6m Signing Bonus for a total of $32.8m for 61 points. The closest team to us was at 48 points with a total of $90m less than he asked for. He accepted a contract around this number multiple times.

    Player Upgrade Guide: Keep your focus on upgrading Improviser for Mitch. He is 25 years old and needs a lot of work to even get into the mid-’80s with decent XP settings. So you will want to work quickly and effectively if you plan on him actually becoming a true franchise QB.

    Player Gameplay Tips: Trubisky has decent speed at 84 with matching ACC and AGI at 87 so you can definitely scramble when you need to. *4 isn’t too fast but it is fast enough to make things happen. His Throw power is less than average at an 88 with short accuracy being his best at an 85. Medium and Deep are at 79 and 80. So stick to throwing short completions as much as possible until you get him up on his medium and deep throw accuracy. Elusiveness and juking as a whole he is ok at best at, nothing to write home about and he will feel stuck in the mud at times. 93 Injury and 98 Stamina so he should stay healthy for the most part.

    Player Rebuild Grade: C, not a guy who is a go-to when you create a new franchise. Would benefit User playing over any kind of Simulation franchise.

    Player MUT Cards:

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