Mr. Bickish gets a name change!

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    Jonathan Bickish

    After totally dominating in the sizz bizzle.

    Mr Bickish has now got some more confidence and swagger in his playing style.

    As he gets better at the game he is never complacent and always strives to be the best player in the NFL.

    And with his newfound confidence and swagger he has decided to change is name like ChadJohnson once did.


    He now has changed his name to Chunky Ragu.

    and demands that everyone call him by that name and not to laugh at his awesome name.


    As chunky ragu continues to make opposing passing games regret even entering the gridiron.

    His awesome name will just continue to frustrate opposing teams to no end because if they change their name it will just seem that they are chasing greatness that players on other teams will never be able to live up to.

    Chunky  Ragu Out.



    #Flyer Nation

  • June 15, 2019 at 10:51 AM #15825

    WHO DOESN’T LOVE THEMS SOME CHUNKY RAGU!  you sure do make one helllll of a mean sauce in the secondary! …although this might affect your flying weight 😛 SOAR HIGHER! FLYER NATION!


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