Newer harder salary cap rules

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    In Madden 19, salary caps were broken. First, you could cheaply resign players by adding on years and reducing the salary and signing bonus. Second, the signing bonus was paid out of the team finances, but didn’t count against the salary cap…which is unlike real life.

    in Madden 20, both of these tricks are fixed.

    i started with the Bears, and by the end of year 2, it’s time to resign Trubisky, Jackson, Cohen, and a couple other 90’s.

    Because other players like Mack, Robinson, Burton, Fuller, etc have growing cap hit numbers, there’s no cap space to resign any of the pending free agents.

    It’s crazy. I was able to resign Trubisky who was asking for $30M+ per year to a team friendly $25M per year avg by adding a year, lowering contract, and boosting the signing bonus. Then I looked. Yup, year 1 = $18M. Year 7 = $50M. This isn’t an answer, just proof that increasing cap hit numbers are crazy hard to work with.

    they made it too realistic…actually too much. Because in real life contracts get restructured all the time, less money is guaranteed, and there are things like 5th year options, all of which don’t exist in Madden.

    sorry for the long post. What are your ideas to both retain players and stay under the cap…other than just turning the salary cap off.


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    Cut Trubisky during the season, then immediately re-sign him as a free agent.  At the end of the season you can sign him to a 7-yr deal for $550k/yr with zero signing bonus.

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