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  • Patrick Mahomes Madden 20 Player Profile

  • T4G

    October 18, 2019 at 5:10 PM

    T4G’s Complete Patrick Mahomes Profile

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    • You will be able to re-sign Patrick Mahomes for dirt cheap if you use our contract tips for Mahomes. Otherwise, he will break the bank or you will risk losing him. You cannot find this information from anyone else out there.
    • We, T4G, created all of the information below in a Real-Life Roster via Online Mode. Some of the tips below, such as how to trade for Patrick Mahomes, will be mainly for the regular season week one. Some information can be used in a fantasy draft, however, the trade and contract will be different (safer to assume). For users who are in Offline Mode, most information will be relevant, however, the trade may be slightly different.

    Player Name/Position/Size: Patrick Mahomes, QB, 6’3″ 230lbs.

    Development/X-Factor Ability: X-Factor (Bazooka). “When they enter the zone, their maximum throw distance is increased by 15+ yards.” (Good) Complete 30 + yard in the air passes. (Bad) Do not take sacks.

    X-Factor Activation Tips: Obviously you cannot target any short throws and do not force it and throw a pick over a simple X-Factor. If you are playing as the Chiefs then take advantage of them having some of the fastest WR crews in the NFL. You should have at least 3 deep routes with one short route in case you need to check down.

    Overall(s): Preseaon Rosters 97/ Updated Rosters 99.

    Patrick Mahomes’ Archetype: Improvisor.

    Patrick Mahomes’ Scheme Fit(s): Everything except for a scrambling QB.

    Patrick Mahomes’ Position Switches: N/A

    Trait Grade: A+. Where you would expect them to be.

    Average Regression Age: 33/34

    Average Retire Age: 37/39

    Patrick Mahomes Trade Guide:

    Realistic Trade Value (User to User): There is no CSP because his contract is around a $5M hit, which is not a lot for the magnitude of the trade; a 23-year-old along with an X-Factor, great Traits, and outstanding pocket passer ratings. Mahomes is worth at least four 1st-round picks (three in the current year is fair). It is too drawn out if you do four first-round picks year after year making the trade not worth it. Also, an 80 overall player that has at least 3 years left in the NFL could also be added to it (replacing one of the 1st-round draft picks) and that would be fair as well. Whichever side you are on, there are some arguments you could use. Good Luck!

    How to Trade for Patrick Mahomes in Madden 20:

    1. First, you need to be in the REGULAR SEASON and you need to pick up 8 QBs, 3 ROLBs, and 3 CBs from the Free Agency (FA) and get Lamar Jackson.
    2. After you acquire Jackson, send him to the Chiefs along with two other QBs you acquired from free agency (Choose the lowest overall QBs you have to be traded alongside Lamar). Ask for the best picks you can get back. GET GREEDY!
    3. After you have traded the Chiefs Jackson and two other QBs, then trade the Chiefs the 3 ROLBs you got from FA. Ask for one of their highest picks.

    4. Trade the Chiefs the 3 other QBs you got from the FA.
    5. Trade the Chiefs the 3 CBs you got from FA.
    6. Now trade them the last 3 QBs you got from FA.
    7. Look for Mahomes in the Free Agency.
    8. If you are having trouble then reply to this topic and we will try our best to help.

    Patrick Mahomes’ Trade Away Value (CPU): With Pat Mahomes the trade potential is insane. You can get any QB using him in some of our Stack and Release (SAR) and Stack and Trade (SAT) methods. You could probably even get two first-round picks for him or, at least, a 1st round current year and a 2nd round next years pick for him.

    Patrick Mahomes’ Contract Guide:

    Contract Grade: A+. The only issue is it ends soon.

    Contract: Length4yrs, Remaining – 2yrs, Total – $16.4M, Savings – $1.96M, Penalty – $5.04M.

    Contract Tips: Mahomes will try and wipe out your wallet with a $266M contract. If you try and sign Mahomes you will get crushed. You should never pay that much for a QB in MADDEN. Luckily, there is a way to sign him to a very cheap deal with no true guarantees. To sum it all up, you are going to reset the contract. You can Reset the Contract whether you get him through the SAR (provided in the trade above) or if you started out with Chiefs and are just trying to keep Mahomes from leaving your team. This is the best way to save a lot of money. To do this, you need to be in the Post Season in the playoffs.

    Once you are to the Superbowl you are going to release Pat Mahomes to the Free Agency, then pick him back up immediately. You will pick him up for around $16.8m and that will reset his contract for the next year. The system will act like Mahomes needs to be resigned, however, the negotiations will be locked and will say, “Negotiate Week 7”. Do not worry about that, he will still be on your team. However long you want to keep Mahomes just repeat this process. You will save a lot of money over time. If he is injured during that time, simply turn injury off.

    Moreover, if you try to sign him without doing the above method you will get smashed with a $168m to $230m contract. Even then you may not be able to afford it because the Giants are usually your biggest competitor in the offseason for Mahomes and they have money to throw around. The Broncos are another team that likes to throw around money for him.

    Player Upgrade Guide: His overall is too high to worry about screwing it up.

    Player Gameplay Tips: Build a unit of fast WRs around him and utilize his Deep Bomb with their Speed. With Mahomes it is easy. if you are scrambling a lot with him then you are doing it wrong.

    Player Rebuild Grade: A+. The most valuable player on MPPs.

    Player MUT Cards:

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