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  • Position Trading Madden 19

  • T4G 

    April 19, 2019 at 1:26 PM

    Position Trading Definition:

    Position trading is where you trade the same position multiple times in the same trade. It is great to use when you have multiple players of the same position and/or the team really likes that position and is willing to overpay for more than one. You can always use this technique on every team, so you will have to test the team to see if they show an increased interest in the same position. Positions that are used a lot and have a lot of decent overalls are perfect to use this technique with, such as HBs, WRs, and many other positions that have multiple depths and are not hard to replace. This technique, if correctly used, will rack in a lot of profit. Remember, not all teams will pay for multiple positions, even if they are good, so make sure to run tests on them by adding up two in a trade then reading the meter.

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