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      • All RG’s are easier to trade for in the preseason. The regular season trade results can be slightly different. We use Real-Life Roster in online mode; if you are not using that roster and/or are in offline mode these trades will be completely different.
      • Each player will have a description of what you need to do so the trade will work for you on any team.
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      • You can comment below for any questions, help, or if you want a RG that is not on this list we’ll try and make sure you get him.
      • Every RG is listed in alphabetical order by last name

      How to Trade for David DeCastro:

      Superstar Development

      The Trade: We traded away 78 Overall ROLB D. Perryman, 82 Overall FS J. Addae, and a 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick 16 for 95 Overall RG David DeCastro, 2020 Round 5 Draft Pick 156, and a 2020 Round 7 Draft Pick 220.

      Note: DeCastro is not the easiest high overall RG to trade for but he may be worth it for some of you. You can trade for him by providing players on their team needs such as an 80 to 85 overall FS, a decent to good ROLB from 75 overall and above that is not too old. Remember, you can move MLB’s to ROLB’s and they will usually increase in overall if you do not have any ROLB’s. Also, you will need to add a 3rd to a 1st round 2019 pick more than likely, start with the 3rd and work your way up to the 1st to protect yourself from giving up too much. Ask for some picks back as well so that way you get 100% of the value of what you are trading away. DeCastro is in a favorable contract and is not very old. Look to trade him away at 31.

      How to Trade for Forrest Lamp:

      Quick Development

      The Trade: We traded away 69 Overall MLB A. Taylor and a 72 Overall HB J. Rodgers for 78 Overall RG Forrest Lamp, 2020 Round 6 Draft Pick 176, and a 202 Round 7 Draft Pick 208.

      Note: The chargers love MLB’s and show good interest in HB’s so these are the two positions you want to look for to use to trade for Lamp. A 67 and above overall MLB will more than likely show high interest (green) so add one to the trade. The next player to use is a low overall HB from free agency or on your team who’s a 70 overall or above. Just make sure they show medium interest (yellow). Make sure to ask for picks back to make sure you profit 100% from this transaction.

      How to Trade for T.J. Lang:

      Quick Development

      The Trade: We traded away 68 Overall MLB S. Wright III for 86 Overall RG T.J. Lang.

      Note: Lang is very easy to trade for and you should look to trade for him in almost every rebuild to trade him away for even more profit. The Lions love MLB’s, so look to add a 67 or 68 overall MLB up to the trade. Grab one off of the free agency that fits this overall. Always ask for later round picks back in the trade so that you are not giving up too much in this transaction.

      How to Trade for Shaquille Mason:

      Quick Development

      The Trade: We traded away 70 Overall MLB B. Carter, 68 Overall MLB T. Carder, and a 2020 Round 3 Draft Pick 83 for 83 Overall Shaquille Mason, 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick 32, and a 2020 Round 7 Draft Pick 224.

      Note: The Patriots (Pats) love MLB’s, so look to the free agency to make this trade work or use low overalls already on your team. You will want to add a 67 or 68 overall MLB to the trade and not much higher. This way the team needs of the Patriots will still have MLB in their top 5 so you can go back and trade for more players or picks on the Pats with more lower overall MLB’s off of the free agency. If you would rather make a larger trading impact in one swoop add up two MLB’s around 68 to 70 overall, a 3rd 2020 and ask for their 1st round 2019 pick and their 7th round 2020 pick along with Shaq Mason.

      How to Trade for Brandon Scherff:

      Star Development

      The Trade: We traded away 74 Overall C A. Shipley, 81 Overall MLB MLB N. Bowman, and a 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick 19 for 90 Overall RG Brandon Scherff and a 2020 Round 5 Draft Pick 132.

      Note: The Redskins love centers and have a decent interest in MLB’s. Look to add up a 78 or above overall MLB to the trade, make sure he shows high interest (green). Add a 70 overall or above center that shows at least a  medium interest (yellow), however, high interest is always better and if you have a center that shows high interest it makes the trade easier. Centers are also not hard to trade for, you can also move another position over to center to help with this trade. You will more than likely have to add up a 3rd to a 1st 2019 along with the C and MLB. Start with the 3rd and work your way down the ladder. Make sure to ask for picks back to get 100% of the value of what you are trading them.

      How to Trade for Marshal Yanda:

      Star Development

      The Trade: We traded away 71 Overall HB J. Jackson and a2019 Round 4 Draft Pick 112 for 92 Overall RG Marshal Yanda, 2020 Round 6 Draft Pick 180, and a 2020 Round 7 Draft Pick 212.

      Note: Use a 70 to 75 overall HB to the trade, we suggest using one from the free agency. The Ravens will more than likely want more than just the HB so you will want to add a 5th to a 3rd 2019 at the very most along with the HB. Make sure to protect yourself and ask for picks back along with Yanda to profit as much as you can.

      How to Trade for Kevin Zeitler:

      Quick Development

      The Trade: We traded away 67 Overall MLB H. Pullard III and a2020 Round 4 Draft Pick 112 for 89 Overall RG Kevin Zeitler.

      Note: The Browns love MLB’s so either pick up low overall MLB’s from the free agency or use low overalls MLB’s already on your team around 67 to 70 overall that show medium interest (yellow). You will more than likely have to add up a little more such as a 4th 2020 or 5th or 6th 2019. Make sure to always ask for picks back as well to make sure you are getting 100% of what you can get.

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      Nano Blitz

        Mason is way worth it. In my other league he is up to an 88 overall and you can get him for nothing.

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        Jack Kelp

          Mason is good but I would rather go for Zeitler. It sucks that Yanda is too old because he is a stud.

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          Piper Jolan

            You can trade for Jalen using Yanda right? I know you can do the stack and release and get both Jalen and Bouye.

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            Joseph Dachnowicz

              Can you also do the stack and release method on all of these guys?

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                  We have not tried it with ever one J Dac but the ones we have tried it on it has worked. If you run into a problem let us know and we will figure it out for you!

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