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  • Rules/Guide and Suggestions for this Forum

  • T4G

    December 10, 2019 at 12:35 PM

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for being a part of this community!


    * You may not post a topic in any of the Madden 20 Player Profiles forum. Any questions you have should be replied to in the appropriate player profile. If you do post a topic where it doesn’t belong, it will be moved to the appropriate location.

    * Everyone must be respectful of one another.

    * We do not tolerate any spamming or advertising/promoting of any sort. Your profile will be banned without any warning.

    Your Feedback:

    We would love to hear from you! How is navigating our site? Are there any broken links? Is our site organized? Is it easy to find what you are looking for? Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated! We will use that feedback to help improve our site/forums for you and other users as well.

    Your Suggestions:

    For the Madden Player Profiles (MPP):

    Any suggestions you have should be made here. If you do not see a player profile or suggestion posted, go ahead and reply to this topic to add your suggestion. We will do our best to get that profile up. We really appreciate and encourage any and all feedback! This makes it possible for us to make our content better for you!

    For the Trading Tips and Tricks:

    Let us know what you would like to know for trading tips and tricks that we do not have listed. We have a lot more tips we are going to put up so stay tuned!

    For any other content:

    If there is something you do not see whether it is a question or content suggestion, then please let us know in the comments below.

    There are only two of us running our YouTube channel and website so please bear with us as this is a lot of work!


    Madden Player Profiles:

    * If you see a green circle ?, yellow circle ?, or a red circle ? in the title of a topic it indicates that that specific player is either easy to trade for, intermediate to trade for, or hard to trade for.

    * We put the player’s overall (Regular-season week one to updated rosters) in the title of the MPP as well as the player’s archetype.

    * We will be making the trade for regular season week one to updated rosters, so we have you covered if you would rather start in either week one or updated rosters.

    * We cannot guarantee any of the trades/contract tips will work exactly the same for you, but we have given you a guide in order to make the process go by very smoothly. Something may have to be adjusted slightly if necessary.

    By posting a reply to any of the topics in this forum you are agreeing to these rules.

  • TouchdownTommy

    February 17, 2020 at 10:42 PM

    Do you have tips on schemes. I’ve been running power vertical run and I’m not having the best of luck. I know part of this is I’m trying to play on a harder level for me. I have my scheme at 100 percent. Thanks

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