Stack and Release Madden 20 Techniques – Trade for Impossible Players in Madden 20

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    There are now three different methods to get impossible players in Madden 20, which we go over in more detail below. If you would like to get alerts to our Madden 20 tips when they go up, then create an account and subscribe to the forum you would like the alerts.

    The method that is used to make an untradeable player tradeable is the Stack and Trade method. If you would like a player free of charge by using free agency players then you would use the Stack and Release method. The brand new method we use now is the Double Stack and Release method.

    Stack and Release Madden 20:

    First of all, you want to be in the regular season. You can do this in the preseason as well but you will have to sim to the last week or game 1 of the regular season. With that being said, you need to grab 3 free agents for the same position you are trying to acquire. Then, trade three players to the team with the player you want. After you do this, they should then release the player you want. It may take more than one trade, so keep that in mind. We have a video on this technique:

    Double Stack and Release Madden 20:

    When doing the Double Stack and Release method, you first need to do is get a player that has a high overall to be stacked to the position you need. Once you have acquired the specific player, you can utilize this opportunity by trading him to the team for someone in return. You can find players to do this with on our Players to Trade For list. After you have traded him away, you then do the Stack and Release method. Just grab three players of the same position from the free agency and trade them away to that same team for whatever pick you can get from them. The team should have released the player you are looking to get your hands on.

    The Stack and Trade Madden 20:

    The Stack and Trade Technique is a technique we came up with in order to get players that are so-called “impossible”. This method works with a few players, such as Kyler Murray. Murray is a player who you cannot trade for no matter what. However, there is one way to get Murray…using the Stack and Trade. What you will need to do is grab a player with a higher overall. For example Drew Breez to Kyler Murray. You would grab Breez and trade him to the Cardinals. This pushes Murray down while tricking the CPU by decreasing Murray’s value. Now, Murray is tradeable. Check out the video below to learn more about this method:

    We have a list of players who you can either trade for them straight up or you will have to use one of our three methods shown above.

  • August 15, 2019 at 10:07 AM #15987

    Didn’t work for me.

    Week 1 regular season. Picked up the 3 best FA HB. Traded them to the Cowboys for junk. Zeke is still on their team.

    Did EA fix this, am I doing something wrong?

    August 20, 2019 at 3:25 PM #15991

    Same here – this didn’t work for EZ or TG

    CB didn’t work today at all, yesterday worked for AJ not Ramsey.

    Something changed?


    August 22, 2019 at 5:01 PM #16002

    yeah not really working for me either

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