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  • The Best Linemen to Get in MUT 20 (88-89 Ovr)

  • T4G 

    February 11, 2020 at 8:39 PM

    Everyone is looking for that perfect MUT team. As humans, we always look to be better than others, have the best team, the best players, or just always try to improve your current situation with the resources you have. We create the best content out there and we do it to make you better. In this topic, you will learn who is the best left tackle (LT), left guard (LG), center (C), right guard (RG), and right tackle (RT) to go after at an 88-89 overall. This is not the best offensive line in all of MUT, of course, but this is the best O-line to have in terms of price per value at an 88-89 overall. Also, none of the MUT 20 cards we are going to talk about is going to be about sets.

    The Best LT to get in MUT 20:

    88 Overall Jordan Gross – Legends card. Jordan Gross is a very balanced LT in his overall (88-89). In fact, he is the most balanced LT in MUT 20. His pass block (PB) is an 88, pass block power (PBP) is an 85, run block (RB) is an 86, and his run block power (RBP) is an 85. His awareness is at an 88 overall, which is amazing. On a side note, we would not recommend ever taking strength into consideration due to the fact that strength has shown us in our testing not to have any effect on gameplay. Not only is he better but you can get him cheaper than other LT MUT cards who are simply garbage in comparison. Look for his price point around 20,000 coins.

    The Best LG to get in MUT 20:

    This one is a little tricky, so we picked two of them but we’ll recommend one over the other while giving you an alternative.

    1. 88 overall Brian Waters – Ultimate Legends card. Waters is the most balanced out of our two recommendations but not by much. Waters’ PB is an 85, PBP is an 87, pass block finesse (PBF) is an 86, RB is an 89, RBP is an 88, and his run block finesse (RBF) in an 87. He also has the same awareness as Matthews at an 87 overall. His price range is at about 20K coins.
    2. 88 overall Bruce Matthews – Legends card. Matthews is very balanced, however, Brian Waters has the edge as more balanced. Matthews’ awareness is an 87, PB is an 86, PBP is an 84, PBF is an 87, RB is an 86, RBP is an 84, and his RBF is an 88. His price range is also at about 20K coins.

    When comparing these two MUT cards with the other LG cards, these two are less expensive, more balanced, and better in most ratings. We would guess that most of you would have expected Quenton Nelson on this list. Nelson’s ratings are balanced, however, most of his ratings are a lot lower. If you end up playing favorites in MUT you will lose. Not only is Nelson’s awareness an 82 but he is more expensive. This is shocking, of course, because Nelson is a beast in real life.

    Now, here is our alternative. You could pick both of these LGs and move one of them to RG if you really wanted both of them.

    The Best C to get in MUT 20:

    This is one position that we also talk about more than one. We want to give you the best options out there so you can succeed in your gameplay.

    1. 88 overall Kevin Mawae – Legends card. Mawae is balanced and his price point is around 26K coins. Mawae’s PB is an 86, PBP is an 85, PBF is an 85, RB is an 89, RBP is an 87, and his RBF is an 86.
    2. 89 overall Matt Birk – Theme Diamonds card. His price range is at 46K coins and he is mostly balanced. Birk is not bad for the most part. He lacks in RBP at an 83 overall, however, we still would recommend him. He makes up for it elsewhere. Birk’s awareness is an 89, PB is an 87, PBP is an 85, PBF is an 88, RB is an 86, RBP is an 83, and his RBF is an 87.
    3. 89 overall Maurkice Pouncey – Heavyweights card. His price point is around 39K. Pouncey’s awareness is a 91, PB is an 83, PBP is an 86, PBF is an 83, RB is an 84, RBP is an 85, and his RBF is an 84.

    The one C we would recommend to you is Mawae. He would be better of an overall if his strength was higher but, as mentioned earlier, strength has shown no evidence in having any effect on a player’s gameplay. This makes for better ratings elsewhere.

    The Best RG to get in MUT 20:

    88 overall Marshal Yanda – Heavyweights card. His price point is around 22K coins. Yanda’s awareness is an 89, PB is an 85, PBP is an 87, PBF is an 84, RB is an 87, RBP is an 88, and his RBF is an 85. After reading those stats and comparing them to the rest of the RGs, he is far superior to anyone else at the 88-89 overall range. Yanda will do a lot more against a higher overall defender than any of the other RGs are going to do.

    The Best RT to get in MUT 20:

    88 overall Walter Jones – Ultimate Legends card. His price point is around 18K coins. Look for him around that 19K coins mark and do not spend more than that. If you see him for more, you will more than likely find him cheaper by utilizing our refining the Auction House method. Jones’ awareness is an 84, PB is an 88, PBP is an 84, PBF is an 88, RB is an 85, RBP is an 83, and his RBF is an 86.

    Instead of getting Walter Jones there are some alternatives. Let’s say you get a better deal on Anthony Muñoz, Jason Peters, Andrew Whitworth, or Riley Reiff then you have some options. You could move any of those MUT cards to RT instead of grabbing Jones. However, if you are hell-bent on getting a LT then Jones is your guy.

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