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  • The Best Way to Set Season Goals in Madden 21 Coach

  • DodderyCribb 

    April 6, 2021 at 3:31 PM

    The Best Way to Set Season Goals in Madden 21 Coach

    There are many people Setting your Season Goal is more important than you may think. If you do it wrong you could get fired and lose your coach or your team. This is why some of you are here right now. It is hard to not be greedy when it comes to how you set the XP settings. The key takeaway from this topic is to not lose all of what you worked for just 1750 to 2500 XP. Because that can happen if you play with fire, then the Madden Gods will come down and crap in your disk slot.

    How you set your Season Goal should depend on what kind of style your franchise is. Are you in a simulation league or a playing league? Before we answer that question we very rarely recommend choosing “Make it to the Super Bowl”. The risk is too great for so many, only a few can pull it off year after year.

    We will talk Simulation leagues first then we will talk user-play leagues.

    Simulation – If you are in a simulation league then it might be wiser to lower your standards. If you have a key player injured for the season such as your 90 overall QB you may struggle to reach your mark and get fired. When your team is at its peak because you watched all of our tips videos we recommend you stay around the “7 wins” objective and not push much higher than that. The “7 wins” goal is safe and still gets you 1250 XP with a “Moderate” chance at getting fired.

    If you get fired over “Making the Playoffs/Super Bowl” which is only 1000 XP or more you are a goofball. There are times where your team is so stacked that you make the playoffs every year for almost 10 years straight Like in our Bears Realistic Rebuild. At that time you can set it to “Make the Playoffs” however, you need to be sure.

    Beginner Simulation – When you are just starting out you may even want to go below “7 wins”. Especially is your team is a piping hot pile of buttholes.

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