The "Reset" Technique That Will Save You 100's of Millions In Madden 20

    • February 2, 2020 at 02:12 #18286

      This is the best contract tip in all of Madden 20!

      We figured out the Reset technique to save huge amounts of money in QB contracts because of how ridiculous they have gotten now in Madden 20. A higher overall youngish QB is asking for up to $266 million with a $148 million dollar signing bonus (which is guaranteed money). That is an average of $38 million a year but more than likely the CPU will divide it up in uneven amounts such as $27 million in one year and $54 million the next. Signing this deal you will make you soon regret it because you will not be able to keep your team alive and will lose players to the Free Agency.  

      So how do I do the Reset Technique in Madden 20?

      Your season needs to end in the playoffs, it has to be done in the playoffs or this will not work. To play it safe do this after the Super Bowl has been played. Do not sim to the offseason or you won’t be able to do this and you will lose your players. If your team did not make it to the Super Bowl then you can do this in the Wildcard Round,  if you make it to the Wildcard round and lose you can do the Reset when the game is over. The one who won the Wildcard would not be able to until they lose or finish their season.

      What you are going to do is drop them to Free Agency and then pick them right back up. This will Reset their contract for next year if you followed the steps correctly. Pat Mahomes goes for $16.8 million every year you do this, which is around $117 million over 7 years. With no signing bonus as well giving you total control. Every year you should do this with your high overall QBs or you will have to pay over $140 million more for the same amount of years. $140 million can change your team drastically. 

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