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  • T4G 

    October 30, 2018 at 3:41 PM

    How to get any Player and Pick for Free:

    Madden had the CPU cut the lowest overall players onto free agency. So, then, we would do our Stack Technique and stack the position with higher overall players than the player we were trying to get released. Once you stacked the position with enough players that pushed the player you wanted down the depth chart into the Cut Zone (5th to 4th spot down on depth chart for HB’s) the CPU would cut the player and you would find the player you wanted in Free Agency and be able to trade for the other guys back fairly cheap as well. Madden tried to stop this and rightfully so because teams were releasing players like HB Barkley on the Giants and tons of other great players.

    Now the coding has changed and Madden has now made it to where these young “impossible” players cannot be cut by these teams that have them. Instead, the teams will now release the higher overall players like Antonio Brown and Aaron Rodgers and many other great players. They reversed it and now you can get crazy good players by stacking the position with a bunch of Free Agents at a position and the team will drop them. You can also stack up on unlimited draft picks as well using our Stack technique. Just keep trading them players for their draft picks, you can even trade them good players at that position for their good draft picks and then make them cut those good players you traded.

    In the regular season, players get cut instantly when you trade to a team, which is great and is something we like. Even if Madden went back to the old system there are still ways around it. So go to the regular season when doing our Stack Technique and the team will cut them instantly instead of making these trades and waiting through the preseason.

    We would like to get into a greater discussion with Madden/EA and work on a better trading system for all and not have what is going on here. We simply created these tactics so that you, the gamer, could play with your favorite players with whatever team you would like to.

    Get High-Value Players & Picks (Go Green):

    Add up three low-overall players to a trade and scroll through the NFL teams to see which player shows a green interest. You will be surprised at what low-overall players teams are interested in. Teams will give up either great players and/or great draft picks for your low-overall players.

    Trade Away Free Agents:

    Picking up and trading free agents is the benchmark to guarantee to make your team a superstar team. They do not cost you anything to trade away – meaning no cap penalty – so you will be profiting out of the trade. Each week the computer cannot pick up free agents until you advance the week. If you are in your franchise with other players then make it a priority to be first when picking them up.

  • blake552

    December 1, 2018 at 4:28 PM

    The Stack and Release is OP

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