Two Of The Most Important Player Ratings To Have In Madden 20

    • February 2, 2020 at 01:36 #18285

      There are two ratings that are basically the most important ratings you can have in a player in Madden 20. Without these ratings, your players stand almost no chance at being successful. 

      Can you guess what they are?

      If you guessed Stamina and Injury than you guessed correct. You can have the tallest, fastest and best player in the world but if he is injury prone then he is useless. There is not much use If he can’t stay in the game when you need to rely on him because his stamina is terrible. 

      Money In the Bank!

      Then there is the money factor. You need to be strict and not give away millions and millions of dollars to players who aren’t playing that much and can’t be reliable. Either due to low Stamina and or low Injury ratings. For your top players, you should expect top ratings in the areas that actually matter. 

      What should you look for as good Stamina and Injury ratings in Madden 20?

      The Upper 80s is where you should keep your focus. Positions that take more of a beating you may want to have players with low 90s. In some positions, we will make exceptions like with John Ross being moved to HB. His Injury is an 85 which is low and frustrating but his speed makes up for it. He is just too fast and deadly at HB to not give him a shot, but that is a rare case. We also keep doing everything we can to avoid huge hits from defenders. 

      How often do players get hurt in Madden 20?
      It can be a lot if you do things wrong. Standard All-Madden Injury Slider Settings are set to 40, which can be a big pain. Drop it to 35 if you want a more enjoyable realistic setting, players will still get injured just not as drastic. Also, If you run them when they are in the red then you increase the chance greatly between injury and or a fumble. Make sure to avoid huge hits from X-factors and other beasts. Going out of bounds as well will also greatly decrease the chance of injury. 

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