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    World Wars has two key factors to winning a lot of games, they are luck and strategy. After all the game is based upon dice rolls when attacking or being attacked.

    Picking your map/ You can choose the map to be in your favor or random. Putting the map in your favor would be choosing a map where your units are not separated or you have a large unit already such as a 7 or 8. You will have more fun if you choose 8 players (just an opinion). The closer your units are together the better the chance you have at winning.

    Starting out/When you start the match you will want to gain as much ground as you can safely do so without spreading your units too thin.  Too thin would be when you have a bunch of 1’s and 2’s units spread across the map, trying to grow too quickly can cost you the match. Remember that you move first out of everybody so if you thin out without larger units backing up the smaller units the rest of the countries or AI’s will swallow up your units quickly.

    Your game plan is to get your units together first while also looking for the smartest spot to build your countries stronghold. Your stronghold should be in a corner of the map, you can branch out from there.  You never want to have your units in the middle of the map because you will just get picked off by everyone. Claim a corner and build up your units to where you have a couple of 4’s or 5’s.

    Growing your empire/  Once you claimed the corner and have larger units at the front and your smaller units towards the back you will now want to swallow up the map strategically. Every match is situational so you will have to react and attack accordingly to your environment around you through each match. The CPU is very aggressive and are very good at spreading themselves thin. Don’t attack in the beginning if you are not sure you are going to win. Obviously, there are no guarantee’s you will win when you attack but you will know when you have a good chance to feed the pig.

    Your goal is to keep your larger units facing the enemy while your smaller units are tucked behind the line and are able to grow while being protected. It is not an easy task always but is your main goal. Start claiming easy territory from smaller enemy units that aren’t backed up by a beast unit. Don’t attack a 3 unit with a 5 and the 3 has a big daddy behind it that is a 7 and will just wipe out your now 4 unit. Don’t be the aggressor when it is not needed, like attacking a 4 enemy unit with a 5 when you can attack a 3, 2 or 1 unit right next to it.  No need to risk your big units early in that situation. Keep eating up the corner while trying to spread to another corner eventually getting to where you own half the map. Let other countries fight it out and you slowely pick them off.

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    Captin Flack

    This is not a game that many people know about it seems like. Good to see you guys do more than just Madden. FEED THE PIG!

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