WRs to Trade for Madden 21 Franchise Mode

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      If you do not see a WR that you want on this list, if you have a question regarding a WR, or if a trade is no longer working then let us know in the comments and we will take care of it.

      • We are creating groups for all players on this list. You will see easy WRs to trade for, high overall WRs to trade for, and finally, WRs that require one of our trade methods (SAR/SAT).
      • We created all of the information below in an Active Roster (Updated Rosters) via Online Mode. Make sure it says “Importing 2702 players” when the Active Roster is importing. Otherwise, you will not be in updated rosters. Furthermore, if you do choose “Active Roster”, Madden recommends starting in preseason week one (default); we also recommend starting in the preseason. There are certain high-overall players in the Free Agency (FA) of preseason week one that will benefit you in certain trades depending on the player you are trying to trade for. If you need to do the Stack and Release (SAR) simply grab the needed players for the trade as we explain and then advance to the regular season. The SAR will not work in the preseason.
      • We are going to go into detail on how to trade for each player. We will also include links to our contract tips that will apply for all of these players.
      • For users who are in Offline Mode, most of this information will be relevant, however, the trade may be slightly different but the SAR will not.
      • For users in a fantasy draft, trading, in general, is going to much different. The SAR and SAT methods will work just fine, but for specialty positions, you will have to find the key player because he most likely will be different.
      Easy WRs to Trade For:

      The following WRs are the easiest to trade for. They are all listed in alphabetical order by last name.

      How to Trade for Julian Edelman:

      The Trade: Trade away a yellow interest 68+ overall TE. Make sure you ask for at least a 4th round 2022 draft pick back.

      How to Trade for D.K. Metcalf:

      The Trade: Trade away a green interest 65+ overall RT. Make sure you ask for picks back!

      Harder WRs to Trade for:

      How to Trade for DeAndre Hopkins:

      The Trade:

      1. During the preseason, grab the Broncos 1st round 3rd overall draft pick. You can use a yellow interest 67+ overall HB, green interest 68+ overall C, and a green interest 70+ overall QB, such as Jameis Winston. Winston is easy to trade for as we show you here, or you could pick one up from the free agency. Make sure to ask for another pick back so you do not overpay.
      2. You want to grab another 1st round pick but the 12th-15th overall. Utilize the team’s needs. You do not need to give up much for this pick.
      3. Head over to the Cardinals and trade away the two first-round picks you acquired along with a green interest 73+ overall LE. Make sure to ask for picks back.
      4. You should now have Hopkins on your team.

      Note: If you are not in the preseason then find the two draft picks via the manual trade. If you do not see a LE on the Cardinal’s team needs then utilize another position on their team needs.

      WRs That Require a Specialty Trade Method:

      All of the following WRs have a lot of value in the eye of the CPU. This means that a straight-up trade is not allowed, so we have a work-around for you. All of the following WRs on this list requires one or more specialty trade methods. They are all in alphabetical order by their last name. You can check out our specialty trade methods here.

      How to Trade for Marquise (Hollywood) Brown:

      The Method (SAT):

      You can do this method in the preseason or the regular season. However, we recommend doing this in the preseason.

      1. Trade Julian Edelman (Edelman trade shown above) to the Ravens for a 1st, 4th, and 7th round 2022 draft picks.
      2. You can then trade for Brown AND Edelman super cheap. Trade away a yellow interest 70+ overall LG, green interest 70+ overall MLB, and a 6th round 2022 draft pick.

      How to Trade for Tyreek Hill:

      The Method (SAR):

      1. Acquire Hollywood Brown, Deebo Samuel, and D.K. Metcalf. We recommend trading for them in the preseason. All players are listed here on this topic.
      2. To clear some of their cap room you need to trade for LT, Eric Fisher, by using any very low overall LT and add a yellow interest 67+ overall HB. All you are trying to accomplish here is keeping them at a 53-man roster while clearing up enough of their cap room to make this trade possible.
      3. Trade those three WRs to the Chiefs in the regular season for a 1st, 3rd, and 5th round 2022 draft picks. Or get what you can back for those three WRs.
      4. Then, trade them three lower 70 overall WRs from the free agency for draft picks only. Get back what you can.
      5. Look for Hill in the free agency.

      NOTE: If you are going to get Patrick Mahomes then we would recommend getting Mahomes first. If you do not, Mahomes will become harder to get and you will have to do our five-wave SAR method instead.

      How to Trade for Henry Ruggs III:

      You can do this method in the preseason or the regular season. However, we recommend doing this in the preseason.

      The Method (SAT):

      1. Trade Julian Edelman (Edelman trade shown above) to the Raiders for Nathan Peterman. You could trade Edelman for Darren Waller instead but you will have to add more to the table in order for the Raiders to accept the trade.
      2. You can then trade for Ruggs AND Edelman back for cheap. Trade away a yellow interest 66+ overall LOLB, green interest 70+ overall RE, and a 3rd round 2021 draft pick or a yellow interest 67+ overall HB.

      We have found that there are certain teams that struggle to trade for Ruggs after they traded Edelman. We have a guide you can go off of by using the Saints as an example:

      1. Pick up LE Willie Henry and TE Seth Devaline from the free agency (FA).
      2. Pick up Edelman using the TE you picked up from FA and ask for a pick back.
      3. Head to the Dolphins and trade them your DT Tuttle and a 2021 Round 4 Pick 125 for their 2021 Round 3 Pick 72.
      4. Head to the Vikings and trade them your DT Edwards Jr and the 2022 Round 6 Pick 189 draft pick for their LG Elflein.
      5. Now, change Willie Henry from a LE to a RE and Elflein from a LG to a LT.
      6. Then, head to the Raiders via manual trade and give them Edelman and HB Ty Montgomery II for Nathan Peterman and Jones – add up the Raiders WR Gafford if you can get away with it, otherwise, disregard until the last step.
      7. Lastly, trade away the 3rd, Elflein, and Henry for Edelman, Ruggs, and a draft pick. If you could not get Gafford when trading away Edelman and Montgomery then put Gafford up instead of the draft pick.

      Side Note – the reason you need to get Jones and Gafford off of the Raiders is to make sure the Raiders do not go over their cap space, otherwise, the Raiders will not be able to make the final trade.

      How to Trade for Deebo Samuel:

      You can do this method in the preseason or the regular season. However, we recommend doing this in the preseason.

      The Method (SAT):

      1. Trade Julian Edelman (Edelman trade shown above) to the 49ers for a 1st, 5th, and 7th round 2022 draft picks.
      2. You can then trade for Samuel AND Edelman back for practically nothing. Trade away a green interest 70+ overall RG, green interest 70+ overall DT, and a yellow interest 69+ overall HB.

      We hope that this list has helped you! If you have questions or if any of the above trades are just not working then please leave us a comment below and we will help you out!

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      Julio Jones is also pretty easy to get. Even though he’s close to the age of regressing, he is still even talented to use, especially if you want to do a short term rebuild

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      Hi do you have any update on the WR trade, as I am tenesee I have had no luck with trading for Ruggs, Debo, or Metcalf I have tried a SAT and SAR with both Edelman and Sanders

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        We will have an update once EA does their final update for Madden 21 franchise mode. We will also test out the Edelman and Sanders as well as the other trades we have listed.

      • January 15, 2021 at 03:32 #21707

        Thanks, appreciate it, for the record Edelman, works for SAT with DJ Chark.

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