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Free DLZ for Arizona Sunshine Comes to PlayStation®VR Next Tuesday

Image Credit: Vertigo Games BV

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Rotterdam (NL), 22 October 2017: Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive are excited to announce the ‘Free DLZ’ update for Arizona Sunshine, which is coming on 28 November 2017 to everyone who owns a copy of the award-winning VR shooter for PlayStation®VR.

The new content will be available to all players free of charge and includes two additional maps for Horde mode for up to 4 players in co-op multiplayer. The maps are bigger and allow for a more dynamic playstyle than the original Horde map.

Set in the depths of the “Old Mine”, the first map has players start out with only one flashlight and think tactically to both defend their hideout and take chances on vital supply runs in an utterly dark map, encouraging team play.

The second map, “Undead Valley”, is set in an old, zombie-infested warehouse-turned-underground casino, close to Las Vegas. In this dynamic map, players stay ahead of the horde by gradually expanding their play area, unlocking new areas, and finding new weapons, ammo, and tactical positions as they go.

Arizona Sunshine is out now in the PlayStation®Store for PlayStation®VR on PS4™ and PS4™Pro.

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Note to the editor:
Please request access to the full game via [email protected] .

Key info
Title: Arizona Sunshine
Publisher: Vertigo Games
Developer: Vertigo Games / Jaywalkers Interactive
Genre: VR First-Person Shooter / Action / Survival
Platform: PlayStation®VR (PS4™ / PS4™Pro)
Release-date: Out Now
Pricing: $ 39,99 / € 39,99 / £ 34,99
Controllers: DualShock®4, PlayStation®Move motion controllers, PS VR aim controller
Players: 1-4

About Arizona Sunshine
Arizona Sunshine is developed from the ground up for VR, with physics and particle systems that are unprecedented in VR through next-level zombie mutilation, object destruction and an array of environmental effects. Step in the midst of a zombie apocalypse as if you were really there, freely move around and explore a post-apocalyptic world, and handle motion-controlled weapons with real-life movements – putting the undead back to rest is more thrilling and satisfying than ever before.

Key features:

  • Real-life weapon handling: Using VR motion controllers, handle 25+ weapons with real-life movements. Anticipate attacks, manage ammo and aim down the sights to blast your enemies to undead pieces.
  • Full-size campaign: Built-in bite-sized VR chunks that together form a full narrative, the campaign allows you to jump in for a short session or stay for the complete ride.
  • Free exploration: Move around without restraints to explore a series of huge southwestern American environments, including treacherous canyons and dark mines.
  • Co-op multiplayer: Join forces in co-op campaign mode or multiplayer Horde mode for up to 4 players. But beware, more warm brains mean more hungry undead.

About Vertigo Games
Vertigo Games is a VR game studio located in the port city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After developing and publishing the successful VR FPS title, Arizona Sunshine, the studio is currently working on their new VR titles including games such as Skyworld.

About Jaywalkers Interactive
Jaywalkers Interactive is a two-man game development studio from The Netherlands, consisting of Vincent Bonefaas and Laurens Bruins. We’ve cut our teeth on our multi-platform console game Kick & Fennick and our Oculus Rift demo: Blue Marble, and are currently developing the VR game Arizona Sunshine in collaboration with Vertigo Games.

Press contact
Vertigo Games
[email protected]
P.O. Box 21300
3001 AH  Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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