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GameChops Releases “ULTRABALL”

Image Credit: GameChops

[This is an unedited press release made available courtesy of Tips 4 Gamers and its partnership with noteworthy game PR-related resource Games Press. This press release is from GameChops.]

Dj CUTMAN here! We’re excited to announce that our Pokémon remix album Ultraball is available now!

Ultraball is a dance music album of fifteen licensed Pokémon remixes. The music varies from cutting-edge EDM to classic electronica, each track recreating a tune from the video games as a piece of dance music. Ultraball includes brand new tracks from an international cast of electronic musicians, alongside exclusive remasters.

Styles range from a progressive Future Bass remix of Sun & Moon’s “Vast Poni Canyon,” to a Deep House reimagination of “Team Rocket Hideout” from the original Red & Blue. Ultraball continues with an unapologetic Trap remix of the cult classic Pokémon Trading Card Game, and stays true to form with the Chiptune EDM version of “Azalea,” from Pokémon Gold & Silver.
Ultraball is available digitally for $10 from iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and Bandcamp. Cover song licensing was facilitated by Loudr and Materia Collective.

1. CG5 feat. GlitchxCity – Vast Poni Canyon
2. Tokyo Elvis – Malie City Reimagined
3. Mykah – Mahalo Trail
4. Tetracase – Lake Verity
5. VGR – Battle with Gladion
6. RoboRob – Team Rocket Hideout
7. QORA – Encounter with Gladion
8. James Landino – Lavender Town
9. Dj CUTMAN feat. Belthesar – Trapped in a Pokeball
10. Mykah – Kanto Trainer Battle
11. GlitchxCity feat. Dj CUTMAN – Hau’oli City
12. Grimecraft feat. Wishlyst – Malie City at Night
13. RobKTA – Goldenrod Game Corner
14. Ben Briggs feat. Voia – Azalea
15. Curly – Route 1

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