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Game Developers Need new Concepts:

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There are games coming out all of the time, many good and many bad. How many games are good for just a couple of weeks or months then die off in the sands of time until you get a wild hair up your ass to play it again? Every gamer has game cycles, even the ones who play certain games like it is a religion. However, I don’t want to get bogged down in talking about a game that is a multiplayer shooting game or is solely based on multiplayer to make the game work. Those games are fun, but there is a crap load of them to choose from; they are chewed up and spit out yearly.

The Craving:

I crave another game like Skyrim Elder Scrolls, a game that is like none other. I would talk to another gamer who was playing Skyrim as well and he had completely different stories than me with his own crazy adventures. If you have a buddy playing Skyrim and you were asked to guess what he might be up to in the game, you would – most likely – be wrong every time. We need another game that completely takes you to another world and the world is your own like Skyrim.

We need a game that breaks the chains of the regular gaming hoopla. A game that each person can put their own identity in it. I want a game that really gives you the power to play in an open world with an open campaign mode as well. They should also allow you to really customize your campaign mode. I get this is hard and it is a lot to ask of these developers but how is Skyrim still selling their game for a pretty strong price year in and year out? Well, the answer is simple, Bethesda busted their ass and it showed because the game is amazing. You have games that are cookie cutter games year in and year out and only change things that don’t matter.

Shadow of War is another great game that allows you to play the game how you want and more games are starting to go this route. However, it is 2018 and we don’t have enough of them. Maybe companies should start living by “play your game instead of our game”.

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