Gametop Releases Unique Free Match-3 Game Mystery Loss!

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Gametop Releases Unique Free Match-3 Game Mystery Loss!

SINGAPORE, Dec 14, 2017 – Mystery Loss combines match-3 gameplay with hidden object scenes to create a challenging new style of game everyone’s sure to enjoy. It’s funny, it’s clever, it’s unique, and best of all, it’s completely free!

Mystery Loss stars the brave and quirky grandma along with her cute cat Leonardo. Their task is to find out what happened to the poor little canary, and they’re not going to stop until they get answers. Players will explore the mansion through a series of hidden object and match-3 scenes, clicking on missing items and swapping colorful ghost tiles to gather clues one by one.

Mystery Loss comes with over 200 levels of puzzle solving fun. Both hidden object and match-3 modes are packed with exciting power-ups to use and combos to unleash. There’s no shortage of strange characters to run into, either, making this one of the weirdest and most entertaining adventures ever!

Gametop’s mission is to bring quality games to the world at no cost to players. New releases crowd the market on a daily basis, making it nearly impossible to sort the good from the bad, let alone afford increasingly high price tags. To combat this, Gametop offers its entire catalog of legal, malware-free games at absolutely no charge. Players are free to download and enjoy as many quality titles as they like, all without having to worry about in-app purchases or paywalls.

Mystery Loss is the latest in Gametop’s growing library of free downloadable games. Other genres include racing titles, puzzle games, farming sims, card and solitaire releases, and much more. There’s also an incredible collection of free match-3 games to keep players puzzling for weeks on end.

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