Forza 4 Auction Tips and Tricks

  • Forza 4 Auction Tips and Tricks

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    Selling your cars for maximum profit

    Making money on the Auction is a lot easier than you would think. A lot of gamers sell cars for way cheaper than they should and end up losing a lot of money because of it. However, you need gamers to do this in order for you to turn an easy profit so you can afford the garage of your dreams. We buy and sell cars all the time and have racked in huge profits in a very short period of time.

    Some gamers try this same thing but get a different result because they are missing some key factors in human behavior. Such things as, does the car make you look twice? If you get a new car from the “Wheel” and quickly add it to auction without doing anything to it there is a strong chance you will not sell it for top dollar. “The lady in the red dress”, studies show that wearing red makes you stand out in a group. So having your car look like every other stock car will not interest buyers to spend top dollar on one out of many.

    They want a deal or at least feel like they got a deal. To do this use the tools Forza gives you that cost you nothing, like giving your car a nice paint job. Make it stand out as much as possible but in a good way. Just because you may like it doesn’t mean the buyer will and that is not what you want. You can take your stock car, head to “Designs and Paints”, click on “Find New Designs” and pick one of the many cool designs created by the community free of charge.

    If someone is going to spend 300k on a car that is usually selling for 200k they want it to pop. We ran tests on this and found that certain paint jobs ended up getting us an extra 100k to 200k. We added up 3 of the same cars with different paint jobs, one being stock, the other two had a paint job that was very popular that was very bright and made you look twice. They were all set at the same price and we found the stock paint job never sold after the hour and the other two with the fancy paint job both sold for full price at 300k within 15 minutes of being added.

    There was no difference in class, meaning no upgrades were done to any of the cars just the free paint job. We continued these tests with other vehicles and found the same result. Buyers did not want to pass up on a deal they felt was worth it. All we did was make it stand out from the pack, we also found that the darker the paint color the less likely they were to buy it. Paint jobs with Monster the energy drink, Redbull and Jurrasic Park themes worked well. Police paint jobs did ok but did better when they were from Europe. Police vehicles from Europe have paint jobs that are designed to stand out in the pack and some creators do a damn good job at replicating them. American police vehicles don’t stand out nearly as much, they will sell but from the tests, we ran europian police paint jobs did much better.

    These paint jobs are free and if you really want to spice it up, add the paint job and do very minimal upgrades to the car that cost almost nothing. Go into “Upgrades and Tuning” then “Aero and Appearance” and add front bumper and rear wing. It will cost you almost nothing and buyers will look to buy that over a stock version any day.

    How to set a Selling Price That Will Actually Sell?

    Well first always set the Buy now price to as high as it will go. Then set the bid price to what you actually want to sell it to. This will make buyers think they are getting a good deal if the buy now price is 300k but the starting bid price is 220k or around there. This is why stores have prices at $4.99 instead of 5 bucks because it makes the buyers feel better. Never set your bidding to below what you want your top dollar price to be.

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