Civilization Revolution Xbox 360 Tips

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      How to get the Nuke First:

      To get the nuke first you want to focus on two main things: Culture and Science. Culture is the best way to get Great People and science will allow you to unlock the Atomic Theory as well as start the process of getting the Atomic Theory. Remember, the first country that gets the Atomic Theory is the only country that will have the nuke. Your goal is to be close to the top in science or not far behind.

      Going further, finding the Lost City of Atlantis should be a big priority for you as it will help increase your science. You also want to have temples in each city and have enough culture that you are getting a good amount of Great People. Do everything you can to lead in culture, so you can make that happen. Midway – before you can research the Atomic Theory – you want to have a Great Person that specializes in construction and hold on to him. Use him to fast build the Manhattan Project to ensure you have the nuke first. While you are planning for this make sure to place a city in a good production area, so if you can’t get a Great Person that can fast build it for you, you will have the edge on other countries and could build it first.

      Wonders to Build:

      The following list of Wonders are the best Wonders to complete and will not lose value:

      1. Hanging Gardens of Babylon
      2. Leonardo’s Workshop

      3. Magna Carta

      4. Oxford University

      You can get other wonders but they can be obsolete when another country learns certain research.

      Cities Win You the Game:

      The largest countries with most cities have an edge on other countries. You can truly mass produce in all areas when you have a large number of cities. The goal is to have at least 13 cities to be able to mass-produce. This gives you the option to build wonders at the same time as you are building buildings, defensive troops, attack units, and settlers to make even more cities. It gives you more breathing room if you lose a city by culture or by an attack. If you only have 3 to 5 cities you can’t afford to lose any cities.

      If you are close to another country in gold, science, or culture production but have 5 more cities than them, then when you turn on any of those productions by building markets, temples, or library’s you will eventually surpass them.

      Other Civilization Revolution Tips & Tricks:

      1. When attacking another country, use a Battleship Fleet or a Cruiser Fleet to help with the attack. This gives your ground units a bonus. To do this you need to place the Fleet right next to the city you are attacking.

      2. Attack cities from a hill as this will give you the advantage.

      3. Have one city build a barracks while your other cities deploy archers. Stop after each city has two archers on each city then use the city that finished the barracks to make an army of veterans on them.

      4. The first research you want to complete is Pottery. After you complete Pottery you can build the Hanging Gardens, which will give you 50% population growth.

      5. Use Caravans to see spots on the island hidden by clouds. They move a lot more blocks than most units. They can also go into enemy territory without starting a war and see what other countries are doing.

      6. Build a city next to hills then eventually build a workshop to double production. Make sure when doing this that you put at least one set of defensive units on hills next to cities to prevent a better attack advantage from the enemy. If enemies attack your city from a hill they get +50% to their attack.

      7. If you lose more than two tanks, catapults, battleships, fleet, or cruiser fleet when you make a fleet or army of them you lose the battle. This also goes for anyone you’re playing that loses two as well.

      How to Use the Country Early:

      Every country is listed giving tips and pointers on how to use that country to excel. We also give some cons to the countries as well.


      The Romans begin the game with a Republic as well as Code of Laws. With a Republic, you can build settlers with only two city population instead of three. Use this ability to build as many cities as possible so that later in the game you have the size advantage.

      The first city you build after Rome, of course, build as far away from Rome that is as safe as possible. Your goal is to block off countries with a city then fill the gaps in between that city and Rome. If done right you will have a massive country.

      You should also island-hop with settlers. This is when you build cities on multiple different islands.


      With the Egyptians, starting out with an Ancient Wonder makes them a formidable opponent. Especially if they start out with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. If they start with that then use that in your favor by creating more settlers. They also get +1 food and trade from desert land in the beginning to maximize city production.

      The Egyptians are a strong country to pick and will be deadly if used right.


      The Greeks start out intelligent. They begin with knowledge of Democracy Pikeman and with a courthouse. Going further, they begin very strong and should be used to steal up as much land as possible and protect them with their Pikeman.

      Try and build as many cities as you can from cities other than Athens so you let Athens grow into the greatest city out of every country, which can easily be done with the Greeks.


      The Spanish are annoying to deal with when playing against them. They start out with the ability to build a Galleon because they know Navigation right out of the gate. To build a Galleon and go search for the Lost City of Atlantis and all other wonders. Put settlers on a Galleon and go island hopping expanding your country.


      Use the Germans to bully other countries from early on. They begin the game with automatic upgrades for elite units and new warriors are veterans.

      They are better in Medieval times and Modern times.


      The biggest boost the Russians have would be the area map they start out with. It is a pretty large size area map too. They also start out with +1 food from plains so you can put cities in many more places than other countries and still produce good population growth.

      Use the area map to block off other countries and get as much land as possible while also killing Barbarians you can see. The area map will allow you to not waste time traveling to areas that will not benefit you.


      The Chinese begin the game with new cities that have +1 population. That is huge because you can keep building settlers on any new city you just built. Keep building a mass of cities and take as much land as possible.

      They also begin the game with the knowledge of writing so you can build a spy and capture a Great Person early on or steal gold. America starts the game with a Great Person so use a spy against them early on if they are in your game.


      The Americans begin the game with a Great Person, which can be really good if used right. If it is a scientist settle him in Washington. If it is a Great Builder then research Pottery and fast build the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. If it is a Great Humanitarian or Great Artist then just settle them in Washington. A Great Explorer you want to wait until you can use him for 100 gold.


      The Japanese start the game with the knowledge of Ceremonial Burial. You can build a Temple with that knowledge, so make sure to do that early. They also start with +1 food from the sea so utilize that by building next to the water.


      The French start out very strong at the beginning with the Cathedral already made in Paris from the start. They also have Knowledge of Pottery so try and build the Hanging Gardens of Babylon early. Use the beginning cultural boost to lead culturally throughout the game.

      You have the option to build your cities closer to other country’s cities because you have a good chance of taking those cities over by culture.


      The Indians begin the game with access to all resources and are not affected by Anarchy. The Anarchy aspect is not a great thing to have in Ancient Times because more than likely you will not change governments that early.

      The Indians start out weak and the only real benefit they start out with is the access to all resources. Utilize this by building next to areas that boost production in all areas.


      The Arabs start the game pretty slow and not really strong in any area in particular. The best thing they have is +50% Caravan gold in the beginning.

      They should be used to attack early on due to them having a Fundamentalism Government giving attacking ground units +1 to attack.


      The Aztecs begin the game with a “Wealth of Gold”. It might mean for some sad days ahead if you have higher expectations. It’s actually only 25 gold.

      Units heal after combat victory which is beneficial when fighting Barbarians. Try and capture as many Barbarian cities as possible in the beginning to make you as strong as possible.

      The Aztecs don’t start out the best and it can be hard to make strong.


      The Zulu start out strong when it comes to fighting Barbarians. Other than that they are pretty weak.

      You want to try and build other cities to maximize rapid city growth in the Medieval Ages. Use the +1 warrior movement to capture cities quickly in the beginning while also taking out as many Barbarians to boost your riches.


      The Mongols can wither start out amazing or amazingly terrible. If you attack a Barbarian city and defeat them, the villagers will join you. This means you will have a city where their Barbarian city was. Furthermore, send out 3 to 4 warriors to capture as many as possible. If you can get 4 to 5 cities that will help for the future. They do not start so well if you can’t rack up the cities early.


      The British are strong and do very well in culture due to them starting as a Monarchy. They can easily take enemy cities over culturally if they are close enough.

      You want to make sure to set cities on science production as they are not exceptionally great in the science aspect.

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