Sand Balls Mobile Game

    • December 14, 2019 at 16:39 #17667
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      Review of Sand Ball: 

          Sand Ball is a game we highly recommend due to how much fun and addicting it is. When we first tried the game we found ourselves enjoying it more and more, while easily putting an hour into it. It is not a game you need to be very smart to get a high score. You can take your time and think of your strategy without getting docked for time. It is relaxing, yet challenging and very stimulating making it a fun game. The graphics are not why you are playing it and the sound is not the best. It is more enjoyable to have the sound off when you are in the Bonus round, it feels like I am in a Casino. The Gems do nothing for me and Sand City was terribly boring.

      Sand Ball TIps:
          Take your time and set up the next section before you release the balls. Don’t try and go quick and miss a perfect score because you rushed. The game uses a lot of the same variations of the same puzzles so learn how to get around that certain obstacle and keep it in the memory back for when you need it again. 

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