The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tips and Tricks

    • February 13, 2020 at 8:07 PM #18467

      How to Build Armor Rating:

      When you are on a mission and are fighting multiple enemies, lower the difficulty to novice. Then, let them hit you as you continue on with your mission. However, make sure you have decent armor before attempting this.

      How to Carry More Weight in Skyrim:

      Use your follower to carry belongings for you. Having a follower when on adventures or a mission deep in a cave will allow you to pick up more items and have them carry it. Remember, when you are “too heavy” you cannot fast travel or run.

      Furthermore, a horse can also allow you to carry an unlimited amounted weight when riding it. You will also be able to fast travel when on a horse while you are carrying over your maximum amount of weight.

      Increase Armor Rating Level:

      In order to increase armor rating level the best way is to first use iron and leather strips to make daggers. Then sell them when complete. Iron is the cheapest to buy of all the metals. Furthermore, if you have the special edition or the DLC to build your own house then build nails, iron fittings, hinges, and the locks. Locks need one corundum ingot for every lock you build along with one iron ingot.

      Increase Enchanting Level to 100:

      The fastest way to increase your enchanting level is to first build iron daggers and enchant those with petty soul gems. Then sell them after and receive some of the money you spent back. You need to make a lot in order to get your enchanting level to 100. Nevertheless, start with 500 and go from there.

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