Dolphins Tank for a Miracle Offseason.

  • Dolphins Tank for a Miracle Offseason.

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    October 28, 2019 at 4:42 PM

    The Dolphins gave away a team that took them 5 years to assemble for 1 year in a draft. They believe their team will grow to higher heights after this offseason and they are fully invested in this theory! We have to give them credit because they are doubling down on what they believe in. They will sniff out any wannabe leader that tries to lead, play good in a game or speaks in the huddle and trade them away to the highest bidder. 

    They traded away Tunsil, Stills, Fitzpatrick and now Drake. General manager Chris Grier and staff have lost all confidence in the players they drafted over the last 5 years and went into a trade purge just like we do in Madden. Grier is banking on one mega draft or offseason this year to save the franchise from 10 more years of the NFL Gods shaming them. 

    So what do they have planned? Well, we know that they do not like their QB situation so they may go after Tua or LSU QB Joe Burrow with the 1st overall pick, only if another team doesn’t beat them to it. It is hard to see that they believe drafting with each draft pick they have this year will change their team as drastic as they need it to. Trying to draft an entire NFL team in a single draft is a gamble that will probably pay in tears. If you haven’t done a good job drafting in the last 5 drafts, with the high picks you had then what makes you think that you will excel in only 1 draft year? 

    Another possible move they can make is to build up their draft currency enough that some better teams will get desperate and trade a truckload to move up in the draft. Possibly try and create a small snowball effect that can get them players and picks with their high draft currency. 

    They are clearing up cap room as well by trading away their players but are also racking up Rookie Reserve at the same time. The Dolphins could be trying to balance their funds just enough to draft well and also go after players in the Free Agency signing period. Hopefully, they will not recreate the Sue effect and pay players mega millions because of their name and not the need of the player. 

    If the Dolphins try and draft their way out of this situation more than likely as history shows, they will fail. An all-rookie team will be very tough sledding in the division they are in. Making it tough for good future players and coaches to buy into their system and join them. Good players and coaches charge more to be on a team they do not believe in so the cycle will continue. If they do not fix the offensive line it will not matter who they draft at QB, it will just repeat the history of all the other teams that tried that and failed. Good luck drafting at least 3 good linemen that are going to be NFL ready.  

    They only way they can pull off this miracle is to trade for good players and draft picks with their draft currency, while also drafting with precision when they draft. Use your draft currency to draft you guys that you know are NFL ready in the league, instead of banking on this being the 83 draft reincarnated. 

    If the Dolphins pull this off and change their franchise because of what they did this season, it will go down as the greatest turn around in NFL history. It is going to be very interesting to see what they come up with during this offseason. Let us know your thoughts?  

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