LeSean McCoy Gets Released By The Bills, What Now?


  • LeSean McCoy Gets Released By The Bills, What Now?

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    August 31, 2019 at 11:37 AM

    We have 5 teams that look to be going after McCoy for one reason or another.

    – The Texans need an HB after losing Lamar Miller to an ACL tear. They need an HB that can take off some of the pressure on Deshaun Watson, he was the most sacked QB last year at 62 times.
    Cowboys – The Cowboys don’t currently have their beast HB Zeke willing to play due to the contract talk going on. Jerry Jones loves making deals and may try to sign LeSean McCoy to help with the negotiations. Highly doubtful it will work but he might try it, plus they need an HB while Zeke is protesting his contract.
    Raiders – Jon Gruden is always trying to improve his team either by trade draft or free agency in big ways so it would not shock us if he went after Shady to help improve an offense that struggled last year. He also might want to have a vet HB help his young highly drafted HB Josh Jacobs.
    Chiefs – Damien Williams is ok but the Chiefs are looking for a SuperBowl ring this year and Shady would like one as well, so they may come to the table and strike up a negotiation.
    Colts – The Colts just lost Andrew Luck to retirement and are left with a still young unproven QB in Jocaby Brisset and a young HB Marlon Mack. They may try and make a move here to help this now young offense with a proven vet at HB to help carry the load and take off some of the pressure.

    LeSean McCoy has a lengthy injury history so expect some of these teams to low ball him, however, it is very doubtful he will allow himself to get low balled unless he feels he can get a ring.  Texans are the most desperate and his agent knows that.

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