Will The Titans Sign Mariota?

  • August 31, 2019 at 12:03 PM #16017

    Mariota is looking to get signed and more than likely he is going to want some decent size cash with how QB’s in todays NFL are getting paid even before they are proven. Jimmy G is a prime example of getting paid more than he is worth.

    Mariota’s biggest problem is not being healthy all year round, his injury history is lengthy and he has not proven he can stay healthy. Two neck injuries in the same area, elbow sprain, hamstring issues, leg fracture and he even came into the leg with an injury.

    To Mariota’s defense, he was the 9th most sacked QB last year at 42 sacks. the Titans o-line is filled with great players that can’t seem to keep their QB upright.

    What about when Mariota is in and healthy? Mariota never threw for 3500 yards in a season and only threw for 26 TD’s for his career-high. Very modest numbers that don’t really scream 30 million a year. His last two seasons were not great seasons by any stretch.

    It can’t all be bad right? No, it isn’t, Mariota has the ability to be clutch, great arm strength, gorgeous thrown ball, great mobility and can be very dangerous at times. The keyword there though is at times.

    To wrap it up we can definitely say that Mariota can be an elite QB if he can stay healthy and stay consistent. His potential is HUGE! That also goes for almost any QB out there in the NFL though.

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