EA Is Destroying Madden

    • February 19, 2021 at 13:02 #22025
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      EA came out with a Spongebob them event for The Yard and they wonder why we all are becoming fed up with Madden. They act like we are all 12 years old and still watch Nickelodeon. They have given up on Franchise mode for years now, complete abandonment. It appears as if they are not looking back either. “Want us to fix Franchise mode”? “How about a rapper at HB in a different game mode”?

      Franchise mode can’t get an actual update that makes the game fun again. We cannot even get enough auto-generated face templates to where our QBs face is not the same face as 3 other players on our team. Madden has yet to realize that a large portion of their gamers play Madden for Franchise mode and yet they will ignore our frustrations just to try and pinch their gamers for even more money.

      EA is not even close to ashamed for their pure disregard of our complaints. Yet we fork out money in the truckloads and they just sit back and laugh at our pain. While we complain they act like an infomercial… but wait there is more! And when EA says there is more it actually means there is less. At this point, it is starting to insult our intelligence. Franchise mode used to be fun and now even all of us content creators are doing everything we can just to make the game enjoyable without any help from EA.

      There are so many issues with Franchise mode that almost everywhere you look there is a problem. In the draft, you have no idea if the player you are about to spend 30 million on with most of that money guaranteed is injury prone or not. There are apps with more intricate systems than what Madden has to offer us.

      The biggest thing that we can all do to fix Madden is to complain as much as we can in every place that we can! Go to Twitter, to other sites, and be relentless until Seann Graddy posts another worthless tweet about “we hear your frustrations”. Of course, they will say on the game “brand new franchise mode” and we will probably only get a few new face templates that don’t even match what we see on the body. Get it together EA!

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