Should the Salary Cap Be On or Off in Madden 21 Franchise Mode?

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      Should the Salary Cap Be On or Off in Madden 21 Franchise Mode?

      We have been asked this question many times throughout our Madden career and it is a question we did not take seriously. The answer has always been the same easy answer and it doesn’t seem to ever change no matter which angle we look at it. We finally broke and decided to write about it in order to help people make franchise mode work for them. After all, it is extremely important that you play Madden the way you enjoy it. EA sports neglects franchise mode like it is a plague sent from 2K.

      There are many things to consider before turning off your salary cap in your league, such as your skill level, the time you have available to spend on the game, and how much you know about Madden. Once you turn the salary cap off you cannot turn it back on, so be careful doing this with a league that you have many man-hours in. A very long time ago we made this mistake and we never once forgot it.

      The number one reason most people turn their salary cap off is that contracts scare them. Contracts are confusing and can be extremely irritating at times, especially when you screw your team up due to poor management and handling of contracts. Maybe you signed a 2nd stringer to first string money, gave too much signing bonus, or signed a player who was about to hit regression and wasted money.  Whatever the case, contracts are not something you should ever fear. Once you get the hang of contracts it is extremely easy to create the perfect team of high overall players. And thankfully for you, our website and Youtube channel are the best for Madden content. We will show you how to own contracts in Madden.

      If you need help becoming the best contract negotiator make sure to check out our Madden 21 Contract Tips, we show you how to build the best team by simply signing great deals. Our tips are unmatched and will change the way you operate in Madden.

      If you do not have a lot of time to spend on Madden, you’re extremely new to Madden, or you just want to see how good of a team you can create then you should maybe think about turning them off. For the most part, we recommend that you keep the salary cap on and get good at contract signing instead. It is much easier to be good in a league with the salary cap turned off, to the point it is almost a joke. We do not see the point of turning off the salary cap when we provide the tips that we provide. Hopefully, this helps, and make sure to check out our other Madden content.

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      I could not agree with this any more than I already do! You guys have taught me so much about contracts that I do not struggle with them even the slightest. I feel like you guys made me a Madden Jesus?. Now for me dealing with contracts is one of my favorite parts of franchise mode.

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