Different Styles of Rebuilds in Madden 20

  • Different Styles of Rebuilds in Madden 20

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    October 18, 2019 at 11:56 PM

    Let us know any Styles you may have, it may make it to the list.

    Speed Rebuild: The Rules are easy, you can only trade 3 times a year, you can only trade up or down in the draft once a year. Win a Superbowl in 5 years or you fail. You also can’t User play more than 3 drives throughout the entire Rebuild. XP Settings need to be at 100.

    Player Rebuild: This one is one of the harder ones. You chose a player on a team such as a QB like Pat Mahomes. The higher the overall the player is the more Superbowls you have to win on more than one team. If your player is an 80 to an 85 you have to win two Superbowls, both of them on two different teams. An 86 to a 90 overall you have to win 3 Superbowls, all on different teams. If you chose a player that is 91 to 96 you have to win 4, all on different teams. 96 and above has to win 5 Superbowls, all on different teams.

     After you win a Superbowl then you will cut him during the Offseason week one. Whoever he signs with you will become that team’s coach or owner, then try and rebuild them around your player to win another Superbowl. You can have no influence on who he signs with, remember the Madden Gods are watching.  

    HOF Rebuild: This Style of Rebuild requires you to download an HOF draft class and rebuild with the Classic Pros.

    Mega Rebuild: This is all-out warfare. No Rules, Trade like a beast, sign like a beast, destroy like a beast. Only the strong will make it.

    Fantasy Draft Rebuild: Get your scouting hats on, because you are about to draft your whole team in one day. 

    Free Agency Rebuild: This is the Golden Gem of Rebuilds. Our Fathers Fathers Fathers were told the existence of this rebuild by the Madden Gods themselves. This Rebuild will take your milk money and give you a nickname that will stick with you forever if you do not succeed.  

    You have to cut every player on your team in the offseason week one. Do not sign anyone in the offseason and for the love of all things holy you cannot even draft a kicker. Signing players in the offseason free agency signing period is, or drafting is forbidden.  The only players you can add to your team are Free Agency players during the preseason or regular season. 

    You can User play as much as you want. Try to win 4 Superbowls in 15 years.  

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