How Player Development Works in Madden 20

  • How Player Development Works in Madden 20

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    August 5, 2019 at 4:02 PM

    Development is great in Madden now, previously in older Maddens you only could upgrade it through XP packages. It was expensive and you really had to accomplish a lot to get enough XP to buy the package. It wasn’t realistic nor feasible for most to change their player’s development without being an above-average player.

    Thankfully it has now been updated in recent years and it is much different and much better. Your development gets increased or decreased based upon how well you do during the season instead of having to spend XP on it. If you have a good season and are one of the top guys at your position you will increase your development.

    Just think about it like this, stats, stats and more stats. Just focus on being the best and Madden will reward your player with a higher development.

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