Madden 21 Will Fail to Give us a Real Scouting/Drafting Experience

  • Madden 21 Will Fail to Give us a Real Scouting/Drafting Experience

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  • Burtmire

    April 9, 2020 at 7:35 PM

    History is doomed to repeat itself!
    EA Sports, Madden can be accredited one award that should never be taken away from them… that award is being consistently boring or always average. They are constantly bland in their development of Madden and they truly only focus on one game mode. It is the game mode that drives them the most amount of money, which is very obvious at this point, it is MUT. Every other game mode is thrown together like a boat made of cardboard and ducktape. Though you wouldn’t know it due to how Madden markets their game and sells it as they made a brand new racing boat. They are very good at taking away in-game options and features then bringing them back as if it is new. EA does this more with franchise mode more than any other mode. The only issue with this is the actual boat they sold to us is getting soggy with more and more gamers starting to realize this not just the Madden vets. The reason I keep buying Madden each year is that they own the rights to make the only NFL game and there is no other choice. The big problem with monopolies is the fact that they do not need to try to earn my business. It is like an internet company being the only one in your area, whatever price they shove in your face is the price you have to pay unless you want to go back to caveman days. 2k Sports is now allowed to get into the mix which is a good thing but they are not allowed the full scope that EA is allowed, which is still a problem. The NFL allowed 2k Sports to take over the “arcade” aspect of the game and want EA to continue to do the “simulation” part of the NFL gaming realm. This means they want EA to take on the more realistic aspects of the game and that is scarier than being Carole Baskin’s new husband.

    Can Madden even fulfill this request of realism?

    There is a good chance that they won’t but will pretend like hell that they did. It is easy to make this prediction due to one aspect of football that is loved by so many in real life but forgotten about in Madden. The NFL draft! From scouting to the combine to the actual draft itself is damn near the plainest Jane thing I have ever seen in Madden. A mobile app could create more excitement than EA can. The combine is a joke, you can’t even see how many times a player was injured in college to conclude if he is injury prone or not. I drafted a WR in the 1st round with the 3rd pick that happened to be an absolute stud, however, he turned out to have an 83 injury. Those of you who play on All-Madden and play with injuries on, understand why someone would be pretty pissed about this. My WR did not last 2 games before going down with a bee sting to the finger before the game. What is even sadder is this is not the first time that this has happened to me and it won’t be the last. It is very important in the game of football to know how many times a player has been injured and yet Madden does not agree. Now you can see why I do not believe Madden can fulfill the request of realism.

    I Searched and Found T4G… Thank the Heavens.

    T4G saved my bacon and taught me how to trade for almost any player and to stay away from drafting as much as I can. I remember watching a video of theirs and seeing this guy named Dodds say “Don’t gamble in the draft, instead, trade for what you know is proven”. At first, I thought they were just some crazy game hackers and felt like this isn’t “real” football. Shortly after I began to realize that they were right, I can’t see who is injury prone which is unrealistic in and of itself so why the hell am I going to risk it as much as I did previously. As much as I was not too happy at what they were teaching at first because I felt it wasn’t “real” football I began to realize Madden itself isn’t even close to “real”. T4G was just teaching to outsmart the system which you hear a lot in their videos.

    How Can Madden Fix This?

    They need to allow us to see the injury list of the players and also put these players through personal workouts. It could be as simple as not knowing the true speed rating only the combine or pro day 40 time and letting us run manual drills with these players to see how well they actually perform. This is ridiculous to even say due to the fact that they do this in real life before they dish out millions and millions on a player. This is only one of many options that can be done to provide us with some realism in the game of Madden. I would be very curious to hear your thoughts on how to make the game more realistic?

    Make Being Drafted More Fun and Realistic!

    I am not suggesting EA does another QB1 or another stupid campaign mode that is more boring than watching a tax preparer do his or her job. I am saying stick with what they already have which is player mode in franchise just make it more realistic and exciting. Madden currently has it set up with you picking your player, where you got drafted and what team you want to be on. Where is the fun in that? The draft doesn’t actually happen and the combine doesn’t actually happen either. The skill level that you provide means nothing, the best Madden player in the game can get drafted in the same round as the worst Madden player. This makes the whole fun of player mode obsolete and in turn, makes it so boring that barely anyone plays player mode.

    I guess this is where I will leave it, let me know what you think about this and do you think Madden does a good job with realism?

  • 1408

    April 9, 2020 at 8:02 PM

    I completely agree! This was a very fun read for me.

  • Mots

    April 11, 2020 at 12:25 AM

    haha Carole Baskins new husband! This was great!

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