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    Welcome to the T4G Madden Community! Below you will find a community guide and the dos and don’ts for this community. If you have any questions or suggestions for the content, go ahead and leave a comment below. This list will update here and there.

    NOTE: We are making things much simpler to find everything for our Madden content. This Discussion tab is for anything off-topic regarding Madden. We have separated MUT and Franchise so everything you want will be in one place! There is one Madden franchise forum, which carries all of the tips, players to trade for (MPPs), contracts, and everything else Madden Franchise Mode for this Madden and all future Madden’s. the same thing goes for MUT as well. You will no longer have to fish for content! We are continuously looking to improve the navigation of our site, so any feedback on your experience is greatly appreciated. We will keep you updated so make sure to subscribe to this topic.

    Your Feedback:

    We would love to hear from you! How is navigating our site? Are there any broken links? Is our site organized? Is it easy to find what you are looking for? Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated! We will use that feedback to help improve our site/forums for you and other users as well.

    Your Suggestions:

    For the Madden Player Profiles (MPP):

    Any suggestions you have should be made here. If you do not see a player profile or suggestion posted, go ahead and reply to this topic to add your suggestion. We will do our best to get that profile up. We really appreciate and encourage any and all feedback! This makes it possible for us to make our content better for you!

    For the Trading Tips and Tricks:

    Let us know what you would like to know for trading tips and tricks that we do not have listed. We have a lot more tips we are going to put up so stay tuned!

    For any other content:

    If there is something you do not see whether it is a question or content suggestion, then please let us know in the comments below.

    There are only two of us running our YouTube channel and website so please bear with us as this is a lot of work!

    Looking for Madden Players to Trade for, Tips, Tricks, etc.?

    This is a community forum where you can post in the Activity Feed or topics in the Madden Community forum (Discussion Tab) regarding any leagues to join, general discussion, glitches, etc. All of our forums for Madden tips, tricks, trades, challenges, trade help, and other tips are now going to be here in our “Madden Forum” Discussion tab. All Madden forums are now located here in the Madden Group.

    All of the Madden 20 and all future Madden Players to Trade for are now converted into Madden Player Profiles (MPPs). We give one or more ways to trade for each player, how to resign each player (Contract Tips/Guide), gameplay tips, X-Factor tips, and more, so make sure to check them out. They will be your go-to for any tips regarding each player.

    All of our Madden 20 and future Madden Trade Tips and Tricks are located in the T4G’s Trade Methods forum located in the Discussion tab of the Madden Group.


    1. Make sure to be respectful to one another and NO SPAMMING, ADVERTISING, OR PROMOTING of any sort. We have a zero-tolerance and you will be banned without warning. You will still be able to read the forums, you just will not be able to participate.
    2. If you see a post that violates our rules please report it by clicking on the menu (three vertical dots) and choosing “Report”.
    3. ONLY post a topic here in the “Madden Group Forum” about general Madden discussions, league requests, glitches, video highlights, pictures, and general questions/help. Otherwise, it will be moved to the appropriate Madden forum.
    4. You can also use the “Feed” tab to post a video, GIPHY, or picture about Madden.
    5. If you need help with trades, stack and release, or the stack and trade then create a topic in our Madden 20 Trade Help We are currently no longer supporting Madden 19 but the community might be able to help you out.

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