The Best Speed QBs to Have In Madden 20 Franchise Mode

  • The Best Speed QBs to Have In Madden 20 Franchise Mode

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    January 1, 2020 at 6:16 PM

    5. (Honorable mention) Mitchell Trubisky.

    Mitchell Trubisky in Madden 20 is easy to trade for and easy to sign to a new cheap contract. He is a 73 overall with good combined speed ratings and a decent throw power of 88. His speed is an 84, his acceleration is an 87 and is agility is an 87 which means he’s pretty fast for a QB. His elusiveness is low at a 73 so he won’t be very Shifty you’ll be more stuck in the mud. His injury in stamina are pretty impressive for a low overall QB. Good back up plan if things go south. 

    4. Josh Allen. 

    Trading for Josh Allen is incredibly easy to trade for and can be profitable if you do it correctly. You can do the SAR or the SAT to get Josh Allen via Trading in franchise mode. Josh Allen can also be signed for a pretty cheap deal and can be released out of his rookie contract to sign him early. Stick to signing him like we suggest on his MPP. 

     His overall ratings are not bad, he’s young at 23 yrs old with a Star Development. 84 speed 87 acceleration in an 85 agility which means he is pretty Shifty for a big fella. He has a 99 throw power rating, his elusiveness is an 83, 91 Ball Carrier Vision with a 81 juke move. He’s got a solid stamina, toughness and injury as well. Allen can be a good simulation choice for franchise mode but is better set for more user play.

    3. Russell Wilson takes the number 3 spot.

    He is very easy to get in either updated rosters or regular-season rosters. To get him you need to do the SAR in the regular season. You can also sign him incredibly cheap for however long you would like. Just make sure you don’t sign him to a long deal, sign him as we suggest on his MPP. 

    His speed is an 86, acceleration is a 90 and Agility is a 93. Russell Wilson throw power and throwing accuracy is amazing across-the-board. He has all of the ratings that you would love to have in any QB. Take note though he is 30 years old and more than likely will see regression in the near future.

    2. Kyler Murray. 

    Murray is also another QB who is incredibly easy to trade for at anytime in Madden, whether it’s updated rosters or regular rosters. He is a QB that you can do the SAR and SAT with, so you have a few options. You can also lock him in to a long-term cheap contract.

     He is the second-fastest QB in Madden 20 at 91 speed, 92 acceleration and 90 agility. His injury is an 88 is dammit has a 91 so he’s a bit of a Workhorse. HIs elusiveness is an 85 which is amazing, his Ball Carrier Vision is a 90 and his juke move is an 82. If you are going to run with him use your juke move over the spin move and your Speed and Agility with elusiveness rating will make him very Shifty. Is carrying is a 66 so he will fumble if you let him get hit too much.

    1. Lamar Jackson.

    He is easy to trade for in the regular season’s or updated rosters. In the regular season or preseason rosters you can do the SAR and SAT for him. In updated rosters you have to do the SAR in order to get Lamar Jackson in Madden 20. His development increases to an X Factor Superstar (First One Free) when you are an updated rosters.

    He is Michael Vick like fast with a speed of 96 acceleration of 96 and Agility of 95. Is throwing powers in 92 his accuracy across the board is pretty strong for a 1-year Pro. His elusiveness is an 86 which means he has the most Shifty and most elusive QB in the NFL hands down. Is Ball Carrier Vision and juke move are fantastic at 95 and 90. Avoid direct hits as much as possible due to his 70 carrying. With his stamina toughness an injury all being at great overalls he is a Workhorse.

    Follow our MPPs to sign him because you can sign him for no more than 117 million for 7 years with no signing bonus by following our MPP guide. Overall Lamar Jackson is the go-to guy if you need speed for your QB in Madden 20.

  • 1Mak

    January 1, 2020 at 9:42 PM

    This is a great list. Love your content!

  • wild1205

    January 17, 2020 at 11:42 PM

    How do we trade for Josh Allen I don’t see his MPP

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