A Great Mobile Strategy App Game for a Change of Pace

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      Strategy mobile gaming apps for Android and iOS are all pretty similar and you may just get burned out of them. Their are games like Splash Wars and Used Car Dealer Tycoon that are two very popular style strategy games. Well, sometimes it’s good to play a mobile game that just hits different; something that isn’t going to last forever and you can beat like an old fashioned console or PC game (excluding Skyrim, of course).

      I am currently playing Deep Town and I am on level 144 with 3.5 million coins at a depth of 378 meters. I plan on making it to the end of the game and will play it everyday. Make sure to check out the Deep Town guide to learn how you can make that much cash to where your only problem is waiting for something to smelt or craft to level up again.

      Deep Town: Mining Factory is a great mobile strategy game that is a challenge and a wonderful change of pace from those other style games. You play as robots in a desolate earth and collect minerals, craft items, dig deeper in the mine, explore caves to find historical artifacts as well as read the story of their expedition, and upgrade your spells.

      Spells are perks you unlock through leveling up. Those perks are used to crack the rocks and defeat corrupted block and bosses. The spells get more and more intense and complex the higher you level up. It becomes very satisfying to destroy rocks and fight corrupted blocks and bosses. You can get creative. If you aren’t feeling that spell then change it out for something with more of a bang.

      There are stages to each area when you dig. Before each boss, you will have one type of corrupted block that heal themselves and become increasingly harder to beat the closer you get to a boss. The corrupted blocks and bosses are made of the same mineral but each boss (or elder) is completely different from one another. Each boss and corrupted block is a challenge and that challenge gets tougher the further you dig. Now, you need to be a specific level to defeat a boss or corrupted block and that can get expensive but we have you covered in our Deep Town guide.

      Overall, you need to play this game. It definitely takes time to advance and is no time-killer but it is fun, nonetheless. It never gets dry or tedious and you will be curious to see what kind of boss you are going to face especially after seeing what kind of corrupted blocks you’re going against.

      If you play it or have played it let me know your experiences or what you had trouble with!

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