One of the Most Underrated Offline Mobile Games of All Time

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      One of the Most Underrated Offline Mobile Games of All Time

      “Governments are not producers, they are only consumers, so let them balloon at your own risk “

      The game we will be talking about doesn’t have millions and millions of downloads like some of the powerhouses in the mobile gaming industry. There are mobile games out there with over 500 million downloads like Garena Free Fire and others with download numbers that will make you crap your pants. They’re so big that they are competing with apps like Instagram as is the case with Candy Crush Saga with its over 1 billion downloads. Alongside its other Candy Crush games that are in the multimillion download range.


      Instagram launched its Android app on Apr, 3rd, 2012, and Candy Crush launched theirs on Nov 15, 2012. To think that a mobile game is competing with Instagram – the app I don’t have – in downloads is insane to even think about. Activision later bought the Candy Crush Company, King, for $5.9 billion in 2016. Minecraft was sold for $2.5 billion which is stupid to think about how Candy Crush was sold for more than double that amount. 


      This is me getting sidetracked for a moment but Imagine creating a mobile game that you can eventually sell for almost 6 billion dollars. I know what I am buying first, a fish tank bedroom, and living room. I am sleeping and watching movies in the damn sea with windows you can only see out of. I don’t need a perv snorkeler staring at my goodies while I am cooking up my eggs and bacon. What I want to see is a big shark swimming up to my house at the same time I am watching shark week. Obviously, you are shocked at this idea and now think it may be the best idea you ever heard, which is understandable.


      Now, I am going to get back to what I was talking about because this is serious. Download numbers are not the only indicator that a game is going to be a chip off the old block. Our Game Grading System was designed to give games a fair shake and determine whether or not they are actually a good game. Some games, unfortunately, do not get recognized in the way they should due to poor marketing or no capability of true marketing.


      That brings us to Splash Wars, created by Fat Hill Games, a small team of independent game developers out of Slovakia. It is downloadable for iOS & Android. This is their first and only game which was launched on Nov 3, 2019. Fat Hill Games did more than deliver with Splash Wars, they reached one of the highest grades that we can give out. Splash Wars walked away with a 9/10 ranking and our Precisely Crafted Award.


      The whole goal of the game is to take over all of the enemy cells and to be the last one standing. This game can be either fast or slow-paced, it is completely up to you. Power-ups can be added or taken away and you can start with a single cell or two cells. With the in-game settings that we play with, 200% speed, power-ups on, and double cells,  which forces you to think and react quickly. This is exactly what we were looking for in a game.


      It became so addicting that at any moment in time you could put a level in front of me and I would have to show what I am made of. It wouldn’t matter if it was at 2 am and I was woken up with it in my face, or if somehow I caught someone’s phone while on a roller coaster and Splash Wars happened to be on the screen. I will immediately bring down the hammer and start cranking them out, then go back to bed, or get off of the roller coaster and give back the phone 10 levels ahead. Splash Wars is a must-play and we recommend it to anyone who loves strategy or needs a great offline game to play. Simply head to the Apple store or Google Play store and download it. Also make sure to check out our other app list to keep you entertained, game grades, and game guides.

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