Prison Empire Tycoon Should be Called the Game of Ads

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      A little about the Game:
      This is not the first time we have played one of Codigames mobile games. We enjoyed to a degree, Supermarket Tycoon and wrote tips on the game for the community. They make a lot of Idle games which is a game style to where you are not actually playing. It is all clicking then waiting while you build up your empire. They will, of course, fill the game with ads and reward you for watching these ads with in-game currency.

      Codigames does a good job of rewarding you for watching these ads to “speed up” the process. In the end, you are speeding up the process to just wait again because that is the point of the game. It amazes us that people are so willing to waste the precious little time they have on this planet on something that provides such a low stimulate. Regardless of how we feel, we still have to give them credit for being smart with their ads.
      What is the Point of This Game?
      We decided to play Prison Empire Tycoon and write some quick tips on it. We were curious as to how they were going to develop and promote a prison-style game. It was my job to go in and breakdown the game in its entirety. The game is all about prison reform as they stated at the beginning. Which is something most of us would agree on. However, that is not the case for this game, and if it was we must have been playing a Chinese knock off version. Whoever game planned this at Codigames is hilariously brilliant. They passed off a game that is by far one of the dumbest storylines to the masses and still managed to make great profit day in and day out.
      Turns Out, There is No Prison Reform:
      When I jump into a new game I always look for one thing first, what is the reward of the game? If you can find the true reward of the game you will follow the trail to the best ways to receive this reward. The reward for Prison Empire Tycoon is the same as most, and that is money. The old cheddar bling bling. Well, I already knew this was an Idle game so I would either have to watch ads to receive money or wait for 20 years. So my next step was to look at the best ways to spend my money in order to reach the goal faster and move on to the next prison. I began to run tests to decide what upgrades bought in the game dished out the highest rewards for money spent.

      I was waiting to have the ability to upgrade something with actual reform. After all, that is the main idea of the game. The more I played the more I realized what was going on. It was a massive cash grab. Way bigger than Supermarket Tycoon empire ever was. At least in Supermarket Tycoon, you are building a supermarket empire. The reward is to reward prisoners with nice cells, good food, and tons of activities with great healthcare. They do not work, go to school, or do anything truly constructive for that matter. You are just giving them a vacation for breaking the law, which is cool I guess if you are into that. I could not get passed the first prison because my logic was about to reach out and assault me. Prisoners would never want to leave and commit crimes just to come back for the amenities alone. Prison life would be more enjoyable than their regular life.
      How to Fix this Rediculous Game:
      We would be moronic if we bitched about this game and provided no ideas on how to fix it. We will give you a few of our ideas. The whole point of prison reform is to make prisoners better citizens that are productive to society and happy individuals. Allow the gamers to buy contracts with construction companies to where you would bus out prisoners to sites to earn money and build up their resume. Our population isn’t shrinking it is growing, construction will never stop unless the human race is wiped out. In that case, the prisoners will not have to worry about reform anymore. Take a percentage of their pay to pay for their stay at the prison while you save the other half for them in a bank account that awaits them when they are released. Give players points for keeping prisoners out of prison and reward the best prisons that have the lowest percentage of prisoners returning.
      Think Smart, Not Hard:
      Use the ideas of good capitalism to get you where you need to be. The gamer can use their percentage received from the prisoner’s pay to continue to increase their prison in many different ways. Have drug rehab programs that have to be held accountable for their work. If your prisoners get out and come back on drug charges at a high rate you should be able to fire them and hire a new company. Allow them to build up their college credits with online courses during their stay and even allow internships when they pass certain reform benchmarks for safety reasons. Which would be paid for overtime by prisoner outside consulting salaries. Allow them to work in tech, construction, and many other fields. However, the prison needs to be the one to get these contracts by proving that their prison and prisoners are safe enough to work with and employ.

      The prisoners live together based upon reform statice. Don’t put a fresh murderer in the same area as the prisoners who are leaving for internships. The prisoners should be leaving prison with a reformed stamp upon their name if they have truly been reformed. They should already have a job lined up for when they get out. Either through an internship or through interviews while they are in prison. When they finally get out they are heading to pick up their keys to their new place that is out of the projects. They are checking in with their employer and are on the path to their new life.

      Most of the time crime is committed due to their lives being less than enjoyable with nothing to lose. Give them something to lose, the ability to have decent a job, a house that is out of the projects, and a beautiful family to call their own.

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