Alabama Death Penalty Dynasty

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      Tuscaloosa, AL – There have been whispers for years of under the table cash payments, house, cars, jobs, all provided to players and their families by the deep-pocketed Alabama athletic boosters. Year after year the Crimson Tide seem to just shrug these whispers off as sour grapes from Auburn and LSU fans.

      The drumbeat continued to grow louder going into the 2013 season, which saw Alabama as the preseason #1 team in the nation. Bama was poised to make another run at the title, with stars three-deep in many positions. Unfortunately, they stumbled out of the block, losing their season opener 42-28 to Texas A&M. The loss at home was a shock, but the Tide followed it up with wins over Colorado State, Ole Miss, Georgia State, and Kentucky, allowing just 26 points in those four wins.

      Alabama’s first road game of the season was at Arkansas, another ranked team. The Hogs dominated in a 41-13 win over Bama, giving the Tide their second loss in six games, possibly dashing any hopes of another National Championship.

      Alabama circled the wagons and went on another dominating run in the SEC following their disappointment in Arkansas. They beat Tennessee, FCS East, LSU, Mississippi State, Missouri, and Auburn, outscoring them 251-58 in the process.

      While Bama sat at #4 in both the media and coaches polls, the loss to Arkansas kept them out of the SEC Championship game. With Fresno State and USC, both 12-0, sitting in the #2 and #3 spots in the polls, trailing a 12-0 Ohio State in the rankings, the Tide would need a miracle to play in the BCS.

      They got that miracle when both Fresno State and USC lost in their conference championships, thus catapulting Bama to the #2 spot, and a date with 13-0 Ohio State for the BCS title.

      People always wonder why Bama generates so much hate across the country, and 2013 gave their haters even more ammunition. A team that didn’t win their conference division, or championship, is again playing for a title, and they didn’t disappoint.

      Alabama (11-2) beat Ohio State (13-1) 30-27 to claim their 16th National Championship!

      While everyone was celebrating the improbable title, the whispers from August had turned into an avalanche of evidence as it was discovered that Bama offered $250,000 and a free car, and house to MLB prospect Matt Mobley, out of Mercedes, TX.

      Phone records, bank statements, text messages between Mobley’s representatives and Alabama boosters all become public knowledge, forcing the NCAA to step in and do something that most people in the SEC had been praying for for decades….the dreaded Death Penalty.

      Bama would be stripped of all bowl appearances for the next three seasons, only 10 scholarships would be allowed in each of the next five seasons, only 1 & 2 star recruits would be allowed to sign with the school over the next five seasons, no coaching recruiting upgrades for five seasons, no redshirts allowed for five seasons, no ATH signings for five seasons. Players in the incoming freshman class would be allowed to stay at the school, but all upperclassmen would be free to leave and sign with other schools and not be forced to sit out a year.

      The dreaded hammer had fallen. How would Bama respond? Stay tuned…

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      Year 2 of the Alabama Death Penalty Dynasty is complete. The season started promising at 2-3, but quickly fell off a cliff as the Tide finished the season 2-10.

      Highlights on the season…

      Bama dominated Florida Atlantic for their first win of the season in Week 3.

      Bama came from behind and beat Kentucky on the last play of the game on a 28 yd TD pass as time expired.

      True freshman QB Matthew Coley started the entire season, and set a new school record with 6 TD passes in one game vs. Old Dominion.

      True freshman WR Charles Sullivan also set a new school record with 4 TD receptions in the same game.

      True Freshman WR Carlos Taylor had a 69 yd punt return TD early in the season, as well.

      NCAA Freshman All-Americans

      Charles Sullivan – WR

      Carlos Taylor – WR

      Ashton Freeman – DT

      Eric Carter – MLB

      Derek Fritz – ROLB

      Brooks Rodgers – SS

      Lowlights on the season…

      Coley threw 23 INTs, fumbled 6x, and was sacked 30x.

      Bama WRs dropped 90 passes out of a total of 241 non-intercepted incomplete passes, meaning 37% of all incompletions were drops!

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      Year 3 of the Alabama Death Penalty Dynasty is complete. The season started surprisingly good at 5-1, but then the meat and potatoes part of the SEC schedule kicked-in, and Bama went 1-5 down the stretch. At this point the SEC petitioned the NCAA to allow the overachieving underclass team a chance to play in a bowl game if they could win one more game. That petition was heard, and mercifully accepted.

      Alabama did qualify for a bowl game after beating rival LSU on the road, and then took on the Hoosiers from Indiana in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, winning 46-44 in 3 OTs to finish the season at 7-6.

      The NCAA also amended their recruiting ban for Years 5 & 6, allowing Alabama to award 15 scholarships in Year 5, and 20 in Year 6, as well as being able to recruit ATH and 3 star players. There was a concern that the 25-man graduating class of 2017 would leave the team very shorthanded in the last year of their recruiting penalties.

      Highlights on the season…

      Bama almost upset #3 South Carolina in the season opener. They trailed 48-44 and were driving for a possible game-winning TD, but the Gamecocks picked off Matthew Coley in the end zone with 30 seconds left to survive a huge scare.

      Bama responded to that near upset of South Carolina by winning their next 5 games, including a 27-10 win over #21 Ole Miss, allowing just 8 first downs in the game.

      Bama knocked off #18 LSU on the road 34-17. Coley dominated the first half passing the ball, and HB Charles Joyce pounded the Tigers on the ground in the second half to seal the win.

      WR Carlos Taylor set a new single-game school record with 240 receiving yards in a 34-27 win over Vanderbilt.

      QB Matthew Coley set a new single-season school record with 4,262 passing yards.

      Alabama was also able to secure 5 freshman transfers prior to the start of the season, two HBs, and three WRs, including one WR (71 overall) from Notre Dame.

      NCAA Freshman All-Americans

      Josh Stephens – MLB

      Terrance Barr – ROLB

      Lowlights on the season…

      Coley threw 27 INTs, fumbled 2x, and was sacked 28x.

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      Year 4 of the Alabama Death Penalty Dynasty is was a big success, culminating in a 9-4 record and being ranked #19 in the final coaches poll.

      Head Coach Barrett Jones was fighting for his job, and his team responded. The Crimson Tide faced several ranked teams within the SEC on their schedule, and played most of those games down to the final seconds, including 3 OT thrillers vs. #14 Georgia, #5 Texas A&M, and a 2 OT heartbreaking loss vs. LSU. His success was rewarded with a new 7-year contract extension.

      Alabama qualified for a bowl game for the second straight year, and then took on the #21 Wisconsin Badgers in the Gator Bowl, winning 35-32 on a TD pass from Matthew Coley to Carlos Taylor with under 30 seconds remaining in the 4<sup>th</sup> quarter.

      Highlights on the season…

      Bama almost upset #14 Georgia in the season opener. In a game that went back and forth all day, the Tide scored the game-tying TD with just 4 seconds left. Both teams scored 3 TDs in overtime, but Bama was denied their 2 pt conversion on the last one to fall short, 64-62. Starting QB Matthew Coley threw for 472 yards and 5 TDs in the loss.

      Bama avenged their previous season Week 1 loss to #1 South Carolina by beating them 35-34.

      Bama ran out to a 21-point lead over hated rival LSU, only to blow that lead in the 4<sup>th</sup> quarter and then lose in double overtime. Starting HB Charles Joyce was lost for the season with a dislocated elbow late in overtime.

      Bama responded big time in Week 13 with a 62-59 triple overtime win over #5 Texas A&M on the road, thanks to an INT on their last possession. QB Matthew Coley set a new school record with 523 passing yards in the game. The win vaulted the Tide into the Top 25 (#24) for the first time since winning the National Championship in Year 1.

      QB Matthew Coley set a new single-season school record with 4,411 passing yards & 34 TDs.

      Coley also set an Alabama team record for career passing yards (11,586) and passing TDs (82), and still has one year left to play.

      Tight End Gary Treangen set a new single-season school record with 82 receptions, and also a new school career record with 199 total catches.

      WR Carlos Taylor set a new school record for career TD receptions with 23.

      Coley, Treangen, & Taylor are all returning for one more season, so those records will likely continue to be broken.

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      Year 5 of the Alabama Death Penalty Dynasty was something no one expected…an undefeated National Championship.

      Head Coach Barrett Jones, who was fighting for his job two seasons ago, led his team filled with 4-year seniors through a Cinderella season, resulting in a national Coach of the Year award.

      Many of those seniors who performed way beyond expectations turned the Alabama record book on its head as a result. We will get to those honors later.

      Highlights on the season…

      Bama opened the season with three straight wins over Mississippi State, Florida, and Georgia, before taking on #3 Ole Miss in a rain-soaked affair, that saw the Tide dominate them 42-10. The Rebels’ lone TD came late in the 4<sup>th</sup>. The win vaulted the Tide into the Top 25 (#21) for the first time in four seasons.

      Bama later hammered Ball State 51-15 the very next week to move to 5-0 and rise to a #13 ranking. The impressive win resulted in 10 commits that week!

      Bama beat #11 Tennessee 45-32 in a game that saw QB Matthew Coley throw 5 TD passes.

      Bama then throttled BYU to the tune of 73-35, racking up 498 passing yards and 240 rushing yards. The win catapulted the Tide to #1 in the rankings after Purdue upset Ohio State 40-24.

      The SEC Championship saw Bama take on #14 South Carolina in a game that was decided on a FG (37-35) in the dying seconds.

      Bama then advanced to the BCS Championship game vs Texas at the Rose Bowl. Texas ran out to a 14-0 lead, but the Tide clawed back and eventually took the lead with 3:39 left in the game. A last second FG put the final score at 27-34 Bama, giving them their 13<sup>th</sup> National Championship.

      QB Matthew Coley set a new single-season school record with 4,722 passing yards, and 41 TDs. He also set a new school record with 16,308 career passing yards & 123 career TDs.

      HB Charles Joyce set a new single-season school record with 1,685 rushing yards & 22 TDs, and finished 2<sup>nd</sup> in the Heisman Trophy race. He also set a new school record with 3,807 career rushing yards and 45 career TDs.

      TE Gary Treangen set a new single-season school record with 104 receptions, 1,317 receiving yards, and 13 receiving TDs. He also set a new school record with 303 career catches, and 4,018 career receiving yards.

      NCAA 1st Team All-Americans

      Matthew Coley – QB

      Charles Joyce – HB

      Gary Treangen – TE

      Anthony Newby – DE

      Ryan Wilson – DT

      Mike Blanks – DE

      Brooks Rodgers – S

      Matt Lewis – K

      NCAA 2nd Team All-Americans

      Roy Freeman – MLB

      Derek Fritz – ROLB

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      More info

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      Even more info

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      This dynasty is official closed. If I can win a Natty with a bunch of 1 * 2 star players, I can’t imagine how easy it will be with 4 & 5 star players plus all of the high bonuses that naturally come from Alabama in recruiting.

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      Bro you went all out on these series lol good shit. When are you planning on streaming NCAA?

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      This was such a great game! What system are you playing this on?

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        I don’t know but his favorite team is The Ohio State. Isn’t it Von lol

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      <div>I just bought all of the equipment today so I can stream NCAA. I can stream Super Mega Baseball 3 straight from my PS4, but the PS3 needs a capture card. I would say around the second week in Feb. I should start streaming NCAA…depends on my work schedule. I also now have College Football Revamped on my PS3, so I’ll be using that instead of the normal NCAA 14.

      Oh, and my favorite team is M-I-Z-Z-O-U


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