NCAA 14 Recruiting – Spending Coach Points

    • November 14, 2020 at 6:24 PM #21415

      Whether you begin your coaching career as a Coordinator or Head Coach, you will accumulate skill points to use to improve your team. As a Coordinator, you will spend them to improve the abilities of the offense or defense (whichever type of coordinator you choose to be). You will also scout and recruit players for that school. You will be limited or benefit from the recruiting ability of the Head Coach you work under. As a Coordinator, you cannot spend skill points on recruiting.

      Once you become a Head Coach, you will have the opportunity to re-allocate those points on a yearly basis. I strongly recommend you spend all of your Head Coach skill points on recruiting upgrades until they are maxed out.

      There are 4 different recruiting tiers that you can spend skill points on as a Head Coach.

      1. Locksmith and Scouting
      2. Royal Treatment, The Opener and
        The Closer
      3. Pipelines, Letter of Intent and
        Kitchen Sink
      4. Insta-Commit

      You have to spend at least 3 points in Tier 1 before you can unlock Tier 2. Spend all of those points in Scouting and ignore Locksmith. Maxing out Scouting will allow you scout a prospect 100% for only 50 points. This allows you to find gems and busts cheaper too. Without maxing out Scouting, you’d have to spend 200 points to see what a player’s full ratings are.

      Locksmith will help you get back into battles for players that you are far behind in, but early on it’s not worth the trouble. We’ll come back to this one later because it will be very helpful once you improve your school’s prestige.

      Once you reach Level 4 as a Head Coach, you will be able to choose between 3 options for Tier 2. Choosing The Opener will give you the most benefit early on. This gives you more recruiting points for the first half of the season. The Closer will do the exact same thing for the second half of the season.

      Royal Treatment will give you boosts when recruits make a visit to your campus. Early in the season this is not as important, but once they become available for visits, it would be a good idea to max this out whenever possible.

      Tier 3 opens up once you reach Level 11. This will open up Kitchen Sink, which allows you to spend more recruiting points on individual recruits. Maxing this out will allow you to spend up to 700 points each week per recruit. The other two options in this tier are Letter of Intent and Pipelines.

      Letter of Intent will let you increase the points you can spend in off-season recruiting, while Pipelines will reduce the number of recruits you will need to create a new pipeline state. Both are good in the off-season. Pipelines is best in the pre-season when you’re picking recuits, and Letter of Intent is best in the end of season recruiting when trying to seal the deal or steal recruits.

      Once you get to Level 20, you can unlock Tier 4, which only has Insta Commit. This greatly improves the chance you will get a recruit to commit to your team whenever you are their #1 school and you offer them a scholarship. This is most useful in the pre-season and early weeks of the season. Getting a recruit to commit without spending thousands of points and numerous weeks can be a game-changer for some programs. Imagine having 10 recruits with your school as their #1, and getting 5-7 of them to Insta Commit! Chances are you might only get 1-3 like that, but that’s more points you can spend on better players in tight battles.

    • November 14, 2020 at 6:29 PM #21416

      I forgot to go back to Locksmith. With Locksmith, you will be able to get back into recruiting battles for recruits that have locked you out. Typically you’ll be over 1,000 points behind the leading school. By unlocking this skill, you will jump back into the Top 3 schools and be significantly closer than you were before. Level 1 lets you unlock one battle, level 2 you can unlock 3, and level 3 lets you unlock up to 5.

      This skill is most helpful for players who come from pipeline states, ones you get a nice bonus from (at least 250-300 pts), and when you school’s prestige is level 4 or 5.

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