Cutting JJ Watt Was a Smart Move for The Texans

    • February 17, 2021 at 15:31 #22017
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      JJ Watt was just cut by the Texans on February 12th and it was the best thing that could have happened for both parties. JJ Watt is now free to shop around and potentially land on a team that can get him a Super Bowl ring. On the other side, the Texans were going to owe JJ Watt $17.5 million dollars in 2021 and now they can spend that money elsewhere.

      The Texans have no early-round draft picks thanks to the old GM and head coach Bill O’Brien. So the Free Agency is where they are going to have to make a large impact if they want to turn things around quickly. Let’s face it, JJ Watt is not what he used to be. He only recorded 5 sacks this season while starting and playing in all 16 games.

      Texans fans are having issues accepting all of the problems they are now having after being so close to a Super Bowl run years prior. However, change can be good and in the Texan’s case, they needed to cut JJ Watt in order to turn their team around. With Watt on the team, this last year the Texan’s defense was 30th in the league. Obviously, his impact on the field wasn’t as impactful as the salary cap hit of $17.5 million that he incurred.

      This seems to be more of a win for the Texans than it is for Watt, however, Watt may be able to get himself a ring before he retires. Although he will likely have to take a pay cut to play for a Super Bowl contending team because of how tight most of their salaries are. On top of that, he is not the same player he used to be so the impact that he will have on a new team is anyone’s guess.

      According to Watt, he asked the Texans to be cut and that is likely only one part of the story. The Texan’s new management would have likely cut him anyway due to his performance and cost. It just made sense from a business perspective. One thing everyone has realized now is the Texans are not one player away from a Super Bowl, they are a team away.

      We will likely see more cuts in the future like Randall Cobb and David Johnson who are getting paid way more than they are worth. It is cutting season and the Texans need to have as much cap room as possible to change what seems to be a dreadful future. No draft picks, no money, and new faces are never a pleasant sight if you are a fan of the team in mention. It will be exciting to see what the new management for the Texans will come up with.

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